Sunday, September 7, 2008

Indiana Cody

Cody wanted an Indiana Jones birthday party and has been talking about it for months. So that's what he had this past Saturday. We even found a cute Indy costume at Wal-mart for him to wear. Memaw and Pepaw brought him a hat and whip to complete the outfit. He was so cute! He walked around cracking his whip and singing the Indiana Jones theme song. He wanted a bowling party, so his party was at the bowling alley. They put bumpers in for the kiddos and we only put 3 to 4 kids per lane, so they wouldn't have to wait for their turn for long. They all did great and had so much fun!

Caleb and Cody were so excited that their cousins Ben and Makinna came up. They got to play with them before and after the party for awhile. Wish we lived closer, so they could play more often.

Caleb had a soccer game on Saturday morning. He is playing so well this season. Really getting into it and going after the ball. He is not usually a very aggressive ball player and waits for the ball to come to him. But this season, he is going after it and getting right in the middle of the bunch to get the ball. He is also doing great at goalie, diving on the ball or kicking it out of reach.

Check out his new sports glasses. He thinks he looks like an astronaut or something. He loves them. They have a strap to keep them from being knocked off and padding on the bridge of the nose in case he is hit in the face. He has had his glasses knocked off and stepped on during basketball. He brought them to me all catty-whompus. So we usually just didn't wear them for sports. He lost (or someone took) his glasses a couple of weeks ago while he was on the playground. He would leave them inside, so they wouldn't get broken. We went to get a new pair and they said we could get another pair for free. We already had a spare set, so we got the sports glasses as the free pair!

Getting some advice from daddy, who assistant coaches.

Here is a picture of Caleb in his Tae Kwon Do gear. He is a blue belt and doing awesome this year. Look at all of the stripes on his belt. I really enjoy watching him on Mondays and Wednesdays. Last year, while he was in the After School Program, I only saw him practice once a month or so. I would have to leave work early to watch him. But this year, his TKD is at 6pm. It is so fun seeing the little kids learn all of the movements and work on teamwork. She keeps them all on a very tight leash and no child gets out of line. They are all very focused and strive to learn more and do better each week. It is so cool.


Kev said...

Cody looks great as Indy! Cool whip and hat! Wish I was there! Caleb looks to be doing well with sports! Maybe he won't take after you and I afterall, Miranda.... The unathletic Howard's.

Mom said...

Love Cody as Indy! Sounds like he had a great party.
Way to go Caleb! That's great he's doing so well in soccer and TKD.