Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend with Uncle Kevin.

We braved the heat and went to the park for a short time.

Cody received birthday presents early from Kevin. He got some cool Indiana Jones guys and Spiderman stuff. Here is Cody showing his PJ's and tatoos.

Sunday morning Mom came by for a couple of hours to visit the boys and give Cody his birthday presents. She and Bill were camping close by.

Cody got a book with a read-along CD of his favorite character, Skippyjon Jones.

Grandmom also got him a very cute Bedtime Stories book. She knows how Cody loves his books at bedtime! "Can you read 2 books tonight Mama?" Which sometimes ends up being 3 or 4. But we both enjoy it.

It was a very hot weekend in the 90's, so we were unable to play outside very much. Kevin got bored and declared it was craft time. So I pulled out my Arts and Craft box for the kids. It is where I keep the coloring and activity books, construction paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paints, etc. I also have feathers, string, paper, beads, felt, popsicle sticks, and foam sheets for making crafts. So we pulled it out and the boys glued foam shapes and critters on popsicle sticks, making up stories about them.

Then Uncle Kevin got out colored paper and had them draw a picture. They then glued cereal and dried pasta to the picture and painted it. After that, they all made kitten toys with string, beads, and feathers. Memphis was very excited about his new toys.

We went to Marvin's Marvelous Maize Maze Sunday night. It was the last night for the maze this year. Farmer Marvin will be harvesting his crop later this week. I am glad we made it in time. The boys had a blast. This family in Illinois cuts an intricate maze through the corn each year and charges admission to go through it. We were there for over an hour wandering through the corn. Getting stuck at dead-ends and going in circles at times.
The boys even found a wooly caterpillar crawling on the path.
At one point we came out to a little clearing with a playset and a tire swing hanging from a tree. The boys really enjoyed the tire swing and it was nice break from the corn.
As it got darker, we got out our flashlights to the boys delight. I was afraid that they would get scared in the dark, but they weren't. If it hadn't been so crowded after dark, it might have been a little creepy wandering around lost in the corn. But we had a great time. Definitely a place to remember to visit this time next year.


Mom said...

Looks like you all had some fun despite the heat.

The Hadfields said...

Such great looking boys!! :) The new books look like fun, I love it when Sophie gets new books to read. And I see that you found your way to the corn maze!! Glad you guys had fun. See ya at work...

Kev said...

Had a great weekend! Thanks for making it so enjoyable! It went by too fast. Wish we lived closer together. I have fun with the boys.