Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooktacular Halloween Parties

We have a busy week with Halloween festivities and more to come on the actual day. The Petitt's had a Halloween party at their house this past weekend. Costumes were required for admission. So Ben and I had to find costumes as well as costumes for the boys. They are so easy. All they have to do is dive into their costume trunk and pull out a super hero. Caleb dressed as Darth Vader and Cody was a Power Ranger.

This is my Frankencheese Ball with Spooky Eye Veggies. Ben and the boys also made Peanut Butter Spiders. They were peanut butter balls with chow mein noodle legs and chocolate chip eyes. They were spooktacular.
Here are the gracious hosts. FrankenPaul, Witchy Christy, Darth Adam, and Andrew Skywalker.

I was absolutely stunning as a blonde, if I do say so myself. I was the goddess Athena and Ben was Gandolf or a wizard.

The Royal Gottman's also graced us with their presence.

The men stoked up a huge campfire, while the women sat around chatting. The kids ran around in and out of the house like a bunch of goblins. It was great fun!

Here is Cody loving on our very own Halloween kitty. Who was so happy to be home after spending 3 days at the vet being declawed and neutered. He is snuggling with his best buddy Cody after coming home.

We watched Quinn, Kiersa, and Mase one night while Kelly and Mark went to an adult only Halloween party. I am going to be a little nervous around you, Dr. Atnip, next time I'm at the office.

We had our annual Trunk-or-Treat last night at church. We always start the night off with a chili cook-off and a fun game of bingo.

After winning some spectacular prizes, we headed outside to check out the crazy and festive decorated trunks. The kids all trick-or-treated till everyone was out of candy and the kids had pumpkins and Halloween sacks too heavy to carry.

I was not about to wear the Athena costume and freeze my hoo-haas off, so I threw together this outfit.

Fun was had by all!


Mom said...

Love the costumes! You guys all look so festive! I love Halloween and can't wait to see you on Friday.

Kev said...

Wow! How festive and fun! You all celebrate this holiday a whole month almost! Awesome! Your costumes looked great!

The Hadfields said...

You guys look great!! And Christie and her family look good too!! :) Hope you guys have a fun Halloween night!