Monday, October 13, 2008

Stop, Drop, Rock 'n Roll

Cody's preschool class went to the Fire Department today. I got to go as a parent chaperone.
This is how Ms. Michelle and Ms. Allison keep 19 four year olds in line and crossing roads safely. Everyone grabs a loop in a rope and follows the person in front of them. It works great.

Cody liked this little remote controlled firetruck.

The firefighters told the children what to do in case a fire is in your house and what phone number to call. They dressed up in the firefighter gear, so the children wouldn't be afraid of them if they saw them during a fire. Then they asked, "What do you do if a fire gets on you?" Cody piped up, "Stop, drop, rock 'n roll!"

This is Cody up inside the firetruck. I couldn't get him to smile for anything today. He had been woken up from a nap to go to preschool and was so tired. I think he was still worn out from all of the excitement of the weekend.
One of the little boys said, "I want to be a fireman when I grow up." Cody said, "I want to be Indiana Jones when I grow up!"
The firefighters took the kids upstairs to show them the living quarters and the fireman's pole. Cody's teacher kept the fireman's pole between herself and Cody watching how he and his little buddy eyed it and kept edging closer.
Then we all went downstairs and they did a test alarm and the firemen all slid down the pole into the firestation. The kids loved it.


Suellen said...

Cody looks very serious....hope he had a good time!!

Kev said...

Cody looks so sad in those pics especially the last one. I guess he WAS tired! Looks like fun though!

Jim said...

Why am I not surprised that he said he wanted to be Indiana Jones when he grows up? Tell Ben to hide the shovels!

The Hadfields said...

Tag- you're it! Check my blog for details! Hope you're having a good day! ~Amy