Saturday, October 18, 2008

Those Crazy Chatelains

Ben had a conference in Louisville this past week. After hearing that Aunt Kathy and cousin Kimber were coming in from North Carolina, I decided to go to Louisville too. I haven't seen them in a few years. They said they hadn't seen Cody since he was a baby! I decided that I couldn't miss out on another Chatelain get-together. Caleb stayed in Paducah, so he wouldn't miss school. He also didn't want to miss out on the field trip to the pumpkin patch and Tae Kwon Do. So thankfully my friend Kelly was able to keep him. Cody came with us for our mini vacation. We left Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Friday afternoon, arriving back in Paducah in time to pick up Caleb and Quinn from school. We stayed at the Hyatt downtown on 4th street. The first thing that Cody wanted to do was go swimming. The indoor pool was supposed to be heated, but I am a woosie unless the water is really warm. I just couldn't go in. The pool room wasn't that warm itself, so I knew I would be freezing. It didn't stop Cody from jumping on in, while Mama chickened out and sat with my feet dangling on the side. After about 15 min of jumping in and out, Cody's teeth were chattering. Then we spied the whirlpool and made a beeline for it. There were two men already in it, but it was a large hot tub. They were nice guys, in from a Pennsylvania for a conference. They couldn't believe the mid-80's weather that we have been having all week. They said back in Pennsylvania, they have already had weather cold enough to scrape ice from the windshield in the mornings. They were going back home to 20-40 degree weather. Woo! Glad we aren't having weather like that around here! Thankfully they didn't mind Cody swimming in the hot tub. They had kids of their own and said theirs would be doing the same thing. I tried to get him out at one point and they said, "No, let him swim. This is the most entertainment we have had all week. We have seen no one in the pool all week." Cody and I stayed up late watching Alladin, while Daddy was at a meet and greet welcoming shindig till late.

Thursday, Cody and I walked around a little bit. He wanted hard boiled eggs and bacon around 11am. Thankfully the hotel restaurant was serving breakfast or lunch, so he got his wish. We had a really good time by ourselves. No competition for attention or bad behavior for negative attention. He was so well behaved. Still full of his never ending energy, but I wasn't having to get after him constantly.

Aunt Sandy invited us to her kindergarten class Thursday afternoon, so Cody could make a bat during their craft time. He fit right in and was so excited to be a part of their activities. I read a book to the kids before they went home. It was really sweet of Sandy to do that for us. Afterwards, we went back to her house to start fixing dinner and wait for Kathy and Kimber to show up.

Eldest and youngest of the Chatelain cousins.

Cody doing the man thing with Uncle Jim. After this shot, they took off across the property together. Surveying things and pointing out cool stuff in the yard.

You can never go to Jim and Sandy's without loving on some kitties. There actually wasn't a litter of kittens this time, just this poor calico, that Cody was stuck like a magnet to. She looks like she isn't enjoying herself in this photo, but she followed Cody around. Leaping out behind flowers at him, while he giggled and loved on her. She also took the stroll around the yard with Uncle Jim and Cody.

Grandaddy, where is your harmonica?

After all of the excitement, Cody remembered there was a pretty girl in the room and turned on his charm. Flirting with Kimber, hanging on her leg, hopping in and out of her lap, giggling and being silly. He was a bundle of energy, bouncing all over the place. I tried to get a picture of them together, but Cody would not hold still. It's a great picture of Kimber and a view of exactly how Cody looked.

Kimber is checking out several universities around the U.S. for her Master's degree. U of L is one of them and she was meeting with an advisor while she is here. Another is in Denver, which is her biggest desire. I admire her for having the courage to consider moving far away to get her Master's degree. Denver would be a cool place to live for a couple of years.

It was great visiting with the Chatelains. They are always so full of fun and festivities.

Friday, Cody and I went swimming again. He wanted french toast at the hotel restaurant. Remembering from the day before what was on the menu. We had a nice time just relaxing till time to head back home.

Caleb was so happy to see us when I picked him up from school. He had a great time spending the night with Quinn, Wednesday and Thursday nights. He also had fun at the pumpkin patch on Friday. He was upset when he heard that Cody went swimming and got to go to Jim and Sandy's house. I reminded him of the fun he had with Quinn and what he didn't miss out on by staying. Cody was so happy to play with Caleb when they got home. "I want you to come outside, because I haven't played with you for a long time." I missed him too!


Mom said...

Great pics of the family. Glad you got to go to Louisville and spend some time with the Chatelain gang.
Cody looks like he had a good time.

Kev said...

Such cute boys. Reminds me of you and I playing together when we was just kids. Sounds like you had fun. Sorry I missed out. cya