Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ice Skating in Paducah

Paducah now has a temporary outdoor ice rink open November 14th through January 4th. It is located in the Farmer's Market parking lot on the riverfront. This was opening weekend. Saturday football games were cancelled because it was drizzly and cold. Thank goodness, because I definitely didn't want to sit out there for 2 hours freezing my tail off watching the boys slip and slide in the muddy fields. Saturday mornings are character skate at the ice rink. So we decided to go check it out. The Atnips met us there, since football was called off for them too. It was Dogs on Ice character skate. Blue from Blue's Clue was there, along with Scooby Doo and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Cody thought that was so cool. He sat down next to Blue at one point and they goofed around with each other. Unfortunately, my camera chose that moment to run out of batteries. Kelly ran to the car for me to get some more batteries, but the moment was over. Don't you just hate that! I got some other cute pics though. Notice the milk crates in the photo. These are used by those not so skilled skaters. It helps give kids or adults something to lean or hang onto and give them a little more confidence keeping their balance.
Cody was slipping all over the place and just could not keep himself in an upright position, even with the milk crate. After about 10 minutes of struggling, he gave up and called it quits and sat on the sidelines. Kiersa joined him soon afterwards.

Quinn and Caleb had a big time and quickly gained confidence. They have had rollerskating lessons during PE time at school this year, so their balance wasn't too bad. Caleb perfected what he called the Superman Slide. When he fell, he would glide his arms out like Superman.

I haven't ice skated in years. Dad used to take Kevin and I to Evansville quite a bit when we were kids. I was a bit rusty, but did fairly well. I will praise all of the adults on not having any butt-time on the ice. I hadn't wanted to sit in the cold watching a football game, but we stayed remarkably warm ice skating. Kept the blood flowing and we didn't get cold.

It began to drizzle and we pondered whether to leave or stay. But we realized that the drizzle made the ice better. It was slicker than when we had first arrived and made skating easier. Kelly took Mase, Cody, and Kiersa to the truck so they could stay warm and dry. With it being cold and drizzly the ice rink didn't have many people, only a crazy few like ourselves. That made it kind of nice and easier to skate without running into people.

Caleb taking a spill, but having fun.

Sunday, Christy called to see if we wanted to the ice rink with her boys. Caleb was very excited to try it out again. Cody said he definitely did not want to skate with the blade kind, only the wheel kind. I had to explain that they don't allow roller skates on an ice rink. He voted to sit out and watch.
We got to the ice rink and it was packed! The parking lot was full and the rink was crowded. I sat out with Cody because I couldn't watch him with all of the people. I was excited to see that the rink was a big hit for all. There isn't much to do in Paducah in cold weather, so this will be a lot of fun this winter. Even though it was crowded, everyone was very careful and did not skate too fast or crazy. If a child fell down, strangers helped pick them up, dust them off, and set them off to skate some more.

Here is Christy giving Adam and Andrew some instruction with their crates.

Adam having fun. He is going to have his birthday party here in December. Won't that be cool!

Andrew did really well and was soon zooming around with his crate stack.

Goofing off, having a blast. This was definitely a hit, Paducah!


Kev said...

Looks fun! Did you know BG has a new indoor ice rink place? It's over by Southern Bowling Lanes off Scottsville Rd. Technically I've been told it isn't real ice, but plastic or something. I dunno, I haven't seen it. But next time you're in you all should go out there! Miss you all!

mom said...

Looks like great fun. Maybe that is the secret to surviving the winter. Move up north where there are all sorts of winter sports.

Jim said...

Good to see the city gonvernments starting to realize that there really IS nothing to do in the winter! When I was Caleb's age, we had to go to Owensboro or Nashville to ice skate. Or maybe Gatlinburg if we got a wild hair....

Dad said...

Ole Yea, I remember the good ole ice skateing days in E'ville we had some great times at the ice rinks. now you see how it was for me, but you and Kev caught on really quick. Memories

Amy said...

We were going to go Saturday but Sophie had a cough and it was too cold for me!! :) Looks fun though, we'll have to check it out at some point!!