Friday, November 14, 2008

My Famous Underwear-making Brother

Is that a weird title or what?!?! Well the coolest thing happened this week. My brother, who works at Fruit of the Loom, saw a pair of boxers that he designed on an actor this week! Robert Buckley who stars in the television show "Lipstick Jungle" was sporting a pair of 'K.T. Howard boxer originals'. The cool part about it was that he was wearing the boxers in a photo shoot for a big time fashion news magazine, DNR (Defining Men's Fashion). Here is a what I found when I looked up DNR for those of us who aren't up on the celebrity or fashion news bandwagon.
"As the industry standard for news, fashion trends and business strategies, DNR is the first read and last word for top-level executives. Every week, DNR unites retailers, manufacturers, the media and financial community with an insider perspective that defines men's fashion and fuels the momentum of the industry."
Buckley was wearing different styles of boxers in the DNR photo shoot and it said he was wearing Spring 09's defining underwear trends.
I guess when you are hot, you are hot. Kevin Howard...underwear designer for the stars!!! I want your autograph.


Kev said...

That's right! You should be hearing a call from my agent any day now. I am in hot demand for more underwear designs pronto! hahah

Mom said...

Good write up Miranda. That is just too cool for Kev.

Jim said...

Congrats, Kevin! But I wonder what your mom thinks about you hangin' yer drawers out there fer everyone to see!

Suzanne said...

Damn impressive is what that is! WOW! He needs his own high end men's underpants store: Victor's Secret complete with hunky Male Models hawking is diamond studded designs.

Dad said...

Yea, My son "The Underwear Designer of the Stars" That's my Boy!!!!!