Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well Halloween has come and gone. Leaving us with mountains of candy. Mom came down to see the boys dressed up and go trick-or-treating with us. We had a busy day Friday. Caleb and Cody both had parties at the same time. Mom and I went to Caleb's "Fall Party" because I had not done anything at his school this year. It was a good thing we went to help because there was not any other parents there. We helped the teacher hand out food and treats, then they played a game of Bingo. Only using the word GHOST instead. Caleb was the first to win and get a prize (a matchbox car). He ended up giving it away to the little boy who sat in front of him at the end of the party because that little boy didn't get a prize. Mom and I were so impressed with Caleb for being so thoughtful.

After picking Cody up from his preschool party, we went by Ben's work to trick-or-treat there and show them the boys all dressed up. Notice the crazy bubble on Caleb's head. That is part of his astronaut uniform for his "Career Day".

That night we had the Petitt's over for our annual trick-or-treat together. The moms trick-or-treated with the boys while the daddies passed out candy to the kids on our front porch. Both Adam and Caleb dressed as Darth Vader. Andrew was Luke Skywalker and Cody was Indiana Jones. It was a night of fun, food, and boys full of energy and excitement. We usually just go up and down our street, but there are fewer and fewer houses on our street participating in the passing out of Halloween treats. We had to remind the boys that when you ring the door bell one time and no one answers to not continue to ring it 12 more times. Caleb told us at one house, but I saw someone peek out. Yeah, but they didn't come out with any candy, so let's move on. So we decided to go one street over. Stupidly we thought, hey why don't we just hike over there instead of driving. We had to walk about a block on a busy road in the dark to get there. Thankfully only one truck came by, so we only had to step off into the ditch once with 4 boys hyped up on sugar. The next street over was much friendlier with the passing out of goodies. Most of the houses had lights on. By then the boys were getting braver, "Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!" We had to put an end to that. I thought again how crazy that the same things I heard as a kid are coming back around to my kids. On the way back from trick-or-treating on that street, we thought it might be safer to cut through the yards instead of walking along the street. Now there is a deep ditch between the street and the yards and the yards are up a hill. So that is what we did. It was going fairly well, until we came to a dead-end at one yard. We had to go down the hill and over a deep ditch to go through the next yard. Christy made it down the hill and over the ditch, then had to help us all skid down the hill and make the leap across. I don't know how we did it in the dark, but we made it through without anyone falling face first in the ditch or breaking an ankle. I think next year, we will try another game-plan.

Caleb and Adam, best buds.

Look at our loot!

Thanks for coming Grandmom!!


Mom said...

Had loads of fun. Thanks for letting me share your Halloween festivities!

Kev said...

Looks like fun!! Sorry I missed out!