Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Can!

Wow! What an election whirlwind!!! We are history in the making. We will be talking about this moment to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Barack Obama will be the first African American president of the United States. It is still unbelievable in the world we are living in, with so much hate and prejudice still lingering in our country. It will be interesting to see if a black president will make a difference in minorities in our country standing up for what they believe in, making more presence in politics, and lifting themselves up out of poor conditions. I am so proud of our country. People voted to make a stand for change. Many were tired of the condition in which our country has become. There were record numbers of voters in all of the states. Minorities and young voters flocked to the voting booths. People cared about this election. They care about what will become of our country if we don't have good leadership. I hope that Obama is able to make a difference in the mess that Bush has lead us. It will take several years to pick up the trash and clean up the damage that has been done. It was amazing to see the reaction of the rest of the world. Britains, Chinese, Australians, Africans, Japanese all cheering and hailing Obama's victory. Many countries have lost faith in America over the past few years. They see this victory as a sign of change and improvement of racial relations throughout the world. I am so glad this election race is over though. I always hate all of the election ads, lies, and negative campaigning.

He may not be Superman, but our country is ready for someone with fresh ideas and someone who cares about the people of America. I don't disagree that McCain might have done a fairly good job at straightening up the mess our country is in. But Palin was a poor choice as a running mate. Look at the difference in campaign strategies and decisions right down to the place of celebration of victory at the end of the election. Obama chose a public celebration with the American people at Grant Park in Chicago, whereas McCain chose a private, invitation only gathering at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa. Nuf, said.

For those of you who have had enough politics to last you awhile, take a look at some handsome boys. I forgot to share a couple of pictures from Halloween in my last blog. The carving of ye ole' pumpkins. Too cute to not share.

The trash can is for the scooping of the pumpkin guts. The boys thought this was great fun. "Can we use our hands and get them messy?" Yes, of course, as long as Mama doesn't have to get her hands yucky.

Check out that look of concentration!

The finished jack-o-lanterns.

The leaves are finally starting to get some color around here. Our yard has a couple of maples that are a beautiful shade of yellow and my oak in the backyard is red.

My sweet Caleb!


Mom said...

Love the photos of the kids. It is such a beautiful fall now. Glad the election is over, and hopefully the country is finally headed in the right direction. Marie's friend Wendy in England called her on election night. The Brits are just as excited as the Americans.

Kev said...

Thank goodness Obama won! Woohoo!!! Let's hope he doesn't screw up for all who defended him and voted for him's sake. haha

Caleb is getting tall! Everytime I turn around it seems! And Cody looks more and more like a little boy. haahah Hate that I missed out on the Halloween festivities. Maybe one day I can come in for that.

Suzanne said...

Now, those boys are some TALENTED pumpkin carvers!

Dad said...

Enough politics- Now its wait and see. Hopefully for the better. Boys looked good,bet they had fun in the pumpkins. What no pics in costumes?