Monday, December 15, 2008

Brotherly Love and Talking to God

I got a little brotherly love this weekend. Kevin came with Shannon and Trenton. We had a great time. The boys were so excited about Trenton coming that they stayed up till 11pm waiting for him and Uncle KK to arrive. They were wound up and we had trouble getting them to sleep after an hour of romping.

We decide to break out the Christmas festivities with Gingerbread House decorating and making our favorite Christmas treat-Peanut Butter Balls!!!

Cody couldn't keep his fingers out of the icing or candy pieces...too irresistable.

Caleb had been asking all week to decorate a Gingerbread House. Ben told him to ask his artistic uncle to decorate one with them. It was right up Kevin's alley. I think he had just as much fun as the boys decorating the house with gumdrops, peppermints, and brightly colored candy balls.

Caleb and Cody were really sweet to Trenton and they played together so well. He loved playing with all of the hotwheel cars and racetracks. He constantly would come up to Shannon saying "Dips?" We thought he was asking for chips. No, he wanted to go up the "steps" to the boy's room where all the cool toys were.

We also took the boys to go see Santa downtown. It was freezing waiting outside Santa's house on Broadway. It was very windy Saturday and even colder with the wind coming off the river. Cody got so cold that he had a meltdown waiting to see Santa and I couldn't get him to go in to see him for anything. But I got a great picture of Caleb and Santa.

I am so glad Shannon came with Trenton. We had a lot of fun with the boys. Next time you visit, we won't have the tree up for Trenton to snake around under like the Grinch.

This is Cody's newest feat this week. No, this isn't a trick of the camera. Yes, he is climbing the door frame. I've always said he is my little monkey. He climbs everything. You should see him doing this. He curls his little feet and toes around the door frame and scrambles right up. Then he slides down. I caught him trying to show Caleb how to do it. Caleb attempts, but doesn't have the Spider Monkey touch that his brother does.

Sunday evening was the Children's Christmas Program at Church. It was the story of Heli the Littlest Star that became the star of Bethlehem. All of the children were stars and sung songs as well as saying at least one line during the program.

Caleb was literally the star of the show. He sung boldly above the others with great confidence. While others were shy and quiet. Several people came up to him afterwards congratulating him for doing such a great job. We were so proud of him.

After the play, I spent some time with God.


Kev said...

We had a great time this weekend! All three of us! Caleb looks hilarious in those singing pictures. I laughed out loud. He's so funny. Good for him, not being modest. And Cody is so hilarious climbing the frame like a monkey. He must have been an orangutan in a previous life.

Mom said...

Great pics! I love those boys! The gingerbread house is adorable and such a neat project for the kids to help with. Trenton looks so cute. I love the pics of Caleb singing. Aunt Kathy look out -- there's another singing star in the family. Cody could take after Ben's dad and work for the phone co. He'd be great at climbing telephone poles.

Dad said...

Sounds like a typical Xmas at the Petersons. Was surprised to hear Kevin and family coming for a second meeting. Guess Christmas will be good for all tis year. Cody is such a Ham