Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Henderson

We went to Henderson the weekend after Christmas to see Mom and Bill. We ate good food and opened presents.

Thanks for the Bumblebee Transformer!

Caleb was so excited to open the lava lamp from Grandmom. He was mesmerized by it when he visited her last time.

Paige came to visit her cousins. She had just gotten a Nintendo DS for Christmas. Caleb set everyone's DS, so all three of them could play a game together. Notice the intensity- no one would even look up for a picture.

Our gift to mom was a Lowe's gift card with the help of some little remodeling elves to give her bathroom some love. It was quite the 80's style, although lovely in its time. It was in dire need of restoration. The pretty wallpaper was peeling and looked sad. The wooden towel holders and accessories were worn. Time for the Peterson Elves to do some work.

We stripped wallpaper for hours. It actually came off quite easily, thank goodness! Cody thought that was great fun and helped us strip wallpaper for about 2 hours! Then Caleb came in and helped for about an hour. Mom and I couldn't believe how excited they were about ripping off sheets of wallpaper and scraping the walls. If we had wanted them to come help, we would have heard whining and crying about it for hours. But they thought it was fun to destruct Grandmom's bathroom.
We put up a new mirror and bought new towel racks and fixtures. We put in a beautiful new marble countertop and got rid of the butcher block 80's countertop. Ben helped us install a new updated faucet. What a facelift and we haven't even started painting. Well the walls are prepped. But that will have to wait for another weekend. How are we going to keep the boys out of the bathroom for that?!?! 2 little boys + paint = a big mess
To entertain them, while we were remodeling, Caleb got out his gem hunting kit from Grandmom and Papaw Ford. It came with a block of sand/dirt with gems in it and tools to escavate. There was only one minor incident involving a meat tenderizing hammer and Cody's fingers being smacked on the concrete while reaching for a gem. We kind of guessed that it would have been the other way around (with Cody as the smacker, only it probably wouldn't have been an accident with that little stinker). All incidents aside, they discovered 9 gems. Caleb pulled out his new rock identification book and discovered what kind of jewels they had found. Maybe he will take Mama to Hawaii or buy me a new house with his treasures!


Mom said...

We had quite a good time last weekend. Thanks to all the Peterson elves for the hard work in remodeling the bathroom. It's a fun family project in progress.

Kev said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Sorry I had to miss out on the festivities.

By the way... I bought a Nintendo Wii spontaneously last night. Well Chris and Cara are here and Chris was a bit of an instigator...

The Hadfields said...

Man, will you guys travel to our house and fix our old bathroom?? ha! How sweet and what a fun memory!! Happy New Year!