Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with Friends and Family

Last Friday began our Christmas celebration marathon with friends and family. The boys both had Christmas parties at their schools, unfortunately they were at the same time. I went to Cody's Christmas party because I went to Caleb's school for Halloween. Cody's best buddy, Kiersa, came with me. Cody was so excited to have her in his class. She goes to the same preschool, but at a different time.

Cody and Kiersa playing with Christopher. Notice Cody is wearing a Power Ranger outfit. He and Kiersa were playing their favorite game of "Dress up like a Superhero" before preschool. The boys have a trunk of old Halloween outfits and dress up costumes - Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, Hulk, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, Power Ranger, and Batman to name a few. Don't let the pink outfit that Kiersa is wearing fool you, she is a tom-boy at heart and keeps up with the boys like the best of them.

The boys in Cody's preschool class passing presents around like hot potatoes until the music stops.

When we got home, we prepared for the Annual Peterson/Petitt Christmas. It is usually at the Petitt household, but I felt unusually hospitable this year so we had it at our house.

A couple of Santa's Helpers.

Great fun and good food was had by all. Cody was so excited to get his "Yellow Motorcycle", something that has been high on his wishlist. How did the Petitt's know?

Now that's a pair of rotten boys. Look at those silly faces.

Or was I talking about these two yahoos.

On Sunday afternoon we had the Peterson Family Christmas at our house for the first time. I told you I was feeling hospitable. The cousins had a blast together.

Here is Cody, Caleb, Katie, Makinna, Abbi, and Ben. What a bunch of good looking kids!

I don't know who was enjoying this present more, Daddy or Cody. This was another present that Cody has been dying to get. He told us that he wanted a "Yellow Katar". We figured out that he was talking about a guitar, but we didn't know why he wanted a yellow one. We showed him cool looking red ones, blue ones, and black ones because we couldn't find a yellow guitar anywhere. "Nope, I don't want those colors. I want a yellow katar." Finally we saw a real guitar and he pointed it out saying "like that yellow katar". We weren't thinking of the color of a regular guitar as being yellow. We were out shopping for a canary yellow guitar (good thing we didn't find one!) Thanks Memaw and PeePaw, Cody and Ben love it!
We had a grand Christmas feast and stuffed ourselves so much that we couldn't even make room for dessert for hours. Everyone vegged out for awhile.

Some even took a little nap. But not until the Titans were done playing.

The kids geared up for a cool game of monkey in the middle with this cool new game that the girls got.

OK guys, we have to get one more picture. Too bad Aunt Miranda didn't notice the fan pull dangling in the picture when I took it.


Christy said...

In regards to the picture of Ben and his "Brokeback Mountain" friend, where are their hands???? And why are they smiling like that??

Jim said...

We had a great time, & the girls (especially Abbi) are still talking about playing with Cody & Caleb!

Kev said...

Ben looks really young in that pic with Cody and the guitar. Maybe it's just the sweatshirt. Looks like you guys had fun before I came.