Friday, December 26, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We had lunch with the Atnips on Christmas Eve.

Quinn and Caleb enjoyed putting Bionicles together. They have pieces kind of like Legos that you piece together and make robotic droid dudes.

When the camera comes out, then Cody and Kiersa turn on the crazy faces everytime. Then they want to see what they looked like on the camera. Thank goodness for digital cameras that you can see the pictures that were taken and delete the ones you don't want. Remember the dark ages, when we had to have them all printed out from Wal-mart and half of them were dark or fuzzy. I remember many times paying for a roll of film only to get home and see that the roll was over or under developed with my eyes closed on the ones that would have been good.

Kevin came to spend Christmas with us. We love for him to be here on Christmas and be in on the festivies. Christmas Eve night we went to a pretty service at church and sang Christmas carols putting us all in the mood.

The boys got home from church and amazingly went right to sleep! We were shocked after fighting with the boys last year to get them to stay in bed.

Don't you just love those Christmas morning pictures, with the sleepy faces and hair sticking out. Cody will definitely hate us for this one later on. The attire is totally of their own design. Caleb came downstairs first at 6:30am, in just a sleep shirt and underwear (he hates wearing PJ's to bed). I told him to go wake up his brother and get some PJ bottoms on because I wasn't taking pictures of him in his skibbies. He came back downstairs wearing some high water PJ bottoms that were 6 inches too short and had to have been Cody's. We all died laughing. He went back upstairs and changed into khaki dress pants (keeping his sleep shirt on as well). We let that fashion statement go. Cody must have heard all of the commotion, so he changed out of his PJ bottoms and put on brown shorts before coming downstairs. In spite of the fashion show, they were so excited to see that Santa had indeed came even though they were rotten yesterday.

Running to check out their stockings and finding Webkins.

Cody's giant 3 foot Batman was a favorite of his.

Caleb got some inline skates because he has been doing so well skating at birthday parties at the roller rink and ice skating rink. I got some too! Stop laughing! Caleb and I actually went out this afternoon in the Spring-like 60 degree weather and gave them a whirl. No, I didn't bust my rear at all. Thankfully Ben wasn't home to get any pictures. But a neighbor did stick his head out the door and laugh telling me to be careful, as Caleb and I teetered down the street. I'll have to build up the strength in my ankles because they were killing me after just going down the street and back.

Taking care of my brother's health.

One of their favorite Santa presents.

Cuddling and being silly with their uncle before he had to head back to Bowling Green.


Mom said...

Looks like you all had a festive Christmas. Love those crazy boys!

Kev said...

We did have a fun Christmas. Sucks I could only stay a couple nights. Miss you guys!

Dad said...

Reminded me of the times my little boy and girl would get up so early. Would have loved to have been around with you all. Miss it Is Ben trying to be a look-a-like to ole Dad, with the fuzzy chin