Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis the Season

Well tis the season to be jolly! We finally have our Christmas tree up and lights on our house. Thanks to my wonderful husband. He put everything up but the ornaments while I was gone. He knew the boys and I love putting ornaments on the tree. That is my favorite part!! Pulling out all of my treasures from years past. Ben and I have a wonderful tradition of picking up a meaningful ornament from a favorite vacation spot. So when we pull out those ornaments at Christmas time it is full of memories from those vacations. Then there are the "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments that are special. I told the boys that those were their first ornaments. Cody asked if he made it when he was a baby. We also had a few ornaments made by the boys over the past years. I have several beautiful glass ornaments that my family has given me over the years that I treasure and the boys know those are mom's breakable ornaments. Only Mama can put those on the tree. Thank goodness our tree is 9 feet tall!
Yes, 9 feet. I have to use a ladder to put up some ornaments. But it looks great in our high ceiling living room. My house isn't totally ready yet though because I don't have my other decor up. I still have 2 or 3 boxes upstairs of Christmas items to decorate the interior of my house. I'll take pictures when everything is done.

This past weekend, I got to go on a 'Girl's Only' shopping trip to St. Louis. I went with my best bud Christy. We met up with her sister and friend up in St. Louis on Friday and didn't come home until Sunday. It was so much fun to get away. No cares or children whining or tired of shopping. We shopped, ate great food, shopped, told great stories, shopped, laughed, shopped, had some wine, shopped, and did I mention that we shopped. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Best of all Christy and I got finished with our Christmas shopping! Many thanks to Paul and Ben for letting us have a get-away (I know we can be expecting a hunting or fishing weekend in return).

On another festive note...we went to our first Christmas party of the season Sunday night. It was our annual chiropractic friends party.

Look at all the kiddos...can you believe we got them all to sit down in one spot? It was present opening time and we bribed them to sit still.

Now that's more like it!

Good food and fellowship was had by all.

Sarah and Calvin...little girl that's not Santa's lap that you are sitting on.

Brooklyn, the diva of the party.

Teresa and Chris chilling on the sofa.

Kelly and Mark, where's the mistletoe?

This year the party was hosted by the lovely Kahre's. Thanks for inviting 10 wild children and 11 crazy adults into your household. The peppermint cake was fabulous!
I'm leaving you now with this gorgeous sunset I saw last night.


Kev said...

Miranda Dawn Miller, you best not be taking pictures as you drive! haahah Looks like fun! Those boys are so crazy! I miss them. Call me about this weekend!

Mom said...

Looks like Christmas is coming to Paducah! Sounds like you all are having a good time getting ready for the holidays.