Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas around Kentucky

Christmas morning the boys were up at 5 am ready to see if Santa had come. Caleb burst into our room and rushed downstairs to Kevin's room to inform us that Santa had come! We all rushed downstairs to check out the toys under the tree. The best present by far for both kids was a new Nintendo DSi with cool cases. Caleb's has a Bakugan case and Cody has a nerf case.

Here are Uncle Kevin Claus and Caleb doing what they do best... iPhone and Nintendo DSi.

I don't know what Cody was upset about, but I love this expression on his face.

This was the present Caleb bought Cody at school.

The boys received lots of wonderful gifts and had a big time opening presents. What excitement!

We went to Ben's parents house in Bowling Green the day of Christmas. Jim, Lori, and the kids came over that evening to open presents and to let the kids get rowdy in the basement.

Coffee at the Peterson house anyone?

My new sweater.

The next day, Granny and Grandpa Miller, as well as Donna's brother's and some cousins came to share in a wonderful feast of taco soup, chicken noodle, and bean soup. We also had sandwiches, veggies, cheese, and awesome desserts. Yummy!

Peterson cousins Katie, Ben, Cody, Caleb (crying because he had just bumped his head wrestling), and Makinna. Abbi had just woken from a nap and did not want her picture taken.

The boys had a wonderful time with their cousins. The time between visits is always too long.
We had great fun and food at the Peterson's, but had to leave to head to Henderson for Christmas with the Ford family.

I love this picture of Caleb in the car on the way to Grandmom's house with his flame hat and ear buds playing his Nintendo DSi of course.

Caleb and his cousin Shaun vegged out...again playing the DSi.

The grandkids helping Grandmom open her present. We pitched in together to get her a much needed microwave oven. Hers was one of the original microwaves from the 1980's, unbelievably it was still working. Who knows how much radiation we have received over the years from it though :)

Thanks to all of our family for such a wonderful Christmas and all of the great gifts and holiday cheer! We love you all!

Getting ready for Christmas

Kevin came to stay with us the week before Christmas. It is always so cheery to have him around for the holidays. He got to hang with the boys for two days while Ben and I worked. They did arts and crafts one day. I got home and the house was quiet as a mouse. I walked around looking for them and they were hiding in the living room with these decorated masks on their faces. Needless to say, I screamed, which was just the reaction they were looking for. Check out the bag they made for me and the bouquet of hand creative.

They spent hours bringing Kevin back to the nostalgia of childhood building a lego pirate ship that was once his when he was a little boy. He also took them to the movies one day. Such a cool uncle!
Then it was time for some Christmas baking. I had to make our famous Peanut Butter Balls by the request of many.

Kevin helped dip them in chocolate for awhile.

Then Ben used the rest of the chocolate to dip some pretzels. Yum!

Another favorite...Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies! The boys loved helping with the candy and cookies. My little chefs in the making.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas programs

Caleb's school had a Christmas program yesterday. Holiday Zoobilee was performed by the Kindergarten through Third graders. Each class was dressed as a different zoo animal: penguins, bears, seals, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, lions, tigers, birds, monkeys, and elephants.

Caleb's class was birds and some were very extravagant. Caleb was an emu and he had a speaking part during the program.

Caleb's buddy, Adam was a tiger. I loved their costumes too.


We also had a Christmas program at church last weekend. Cody is finally old enough to participate and loves being part of the Children's Group.

Santa also made a surprise visit much to the children's delight.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trimming the Tree

Last week we finally unpacked the last box in our new house. Pictures were hung on the walls and we put everything where it needed to go. Just in time to put some of it away to make room for the Christmas decorations.

This is the only ornament that Caleb hung on the tree. I have always loved hanging the ornaments on the tree. It is the best part of decorating for Christmas. I love finding old ornaments that mean something to our family. Caleb's and Cody's first Christmas, something they made from preschool, an ornament from our honeymoon, ornaments from various vacations, ornaments that family members or friends have given us. It makes me happy to see the tree lit up with all the memories.

I couldn't believe that he didn't want to help. Cody was my little helper though, I can always count on him to help his mama. He is usually stuck like glue to my side.

In our old house, we had vaulted ceilings in the living room, so our Christmas tree is 9 ft tall. It is a very pretty tree and we hated that we couldn't use it at our new house. We decided to try it out with the top off of it. It fit perfectly and with the angel on top you can't tell that it is missing its top.
Wa La! The finished product. Now it feels like Christmas :o)

Turkey Day

Great Thanksgiving with family. The boys were excited to see their cousins Paige and Heath. It was a cold Thanksgiving day. For some reason the weather, reminded me of when I was a little girl having Thanksgiving on the Farm (my grandmama and grandaddy's home). We would see all of our cousins, aunts, and uncles. The "men folk" would go hunting and we would have a grand feast.

Well Mom cooked up a grand feast for the family this year. Check out this turkey...Martha Stewart bird, huh! Mmmmm goood!!!

Cody couldn't wait for the turkey to get carved. I have to have some appetizers.

The boys adore their Uncle Kevin. Here they are watching him play a game on his iphone.

Time to walk off that turkey!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yeah, Haven't Posted in Awhile...

This has been a busy month. I started teaching nursing clinicals for the community college when we got back from vacation in October. I still have my regular job at the hospital, just venturing out a little. But that has kept me busy grading papers and checking student progress on the online blackboard in the evenings. I just finished up my last clinical for this semester. Don't have anymore until the end of January. It has been fun and refreshing to be with the nursing students. I have felt like I am neglecting the boys being at work all the time, especially the evenings.

Here I am trying to make up for it by having Mama-time with the boys while Daddy went hunting one weekend. They wanted to do experiments. So we made volcanos with baking soda and gelatin and tried a different volcano with Alka-seltzer. Then we made home-made bubbles. They had a blast.

I missed yet another of Caleb's TKD belt tests because I worked last weekend. He graduated from the top of the kid level with a brown belt to the more advanced Karate Kids Prep classes, beginning now at Prep Orange Brown belt.

At school this week, both boys had to dress up as Indians for Thanksgiving. We decided to design our own Indian costumes. The boys decorated shirts with handprints and paint. Cody hot glued feathers to his and made an Indian headress as well. Caleb just wanted a turkey feather and he wanted fringe. I found some faux leather fabric from when I had made a cowboy costume for him when he was little and wa-la..."Laughing Bear" was born.

This picture didn't turn out very good, but he wouldn't be still (image that). Here is "Little Feather".

Daddy got a big deer this past weekend. It was a nice size 9 pointer. Check out the antlers on that big guy. The boys thought it was cool to watch Daddy field dress it. "Oooh! Look at the guts!" Cody hung out for hours as Ben strung it up, skinned it, and cut it up.

We just finished cutting up all the meat, grinding it up, and putting it in freezer wrap.

Now I'm ready for some turkey!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween parties :)

Ninja Caleb! I went to Caleb's Halloween party today. Notice the missing bottom teeth. He lost them both this week. The second one was a little loose, but broke off in a bloody mess when he crunched down on a sucker. Ben and I were upstairs when it happened and heard him crying. I came downstairs and saw blood everywhere. He thought he had lost a permanent tooth and that was why he was so upset. It did come out root and all, thank goodness.

At Caleb's Halloween party his class voted on an ice cream sundae party for Halloween. Yummy! They had sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, and strawberry syrup for toppings.

Pin the nose on the pumpkin.

The boys parties were at two different times this year, so I actually made it to both :) Usually I have to alternate each child with the holidays.

Cody's Preschool Halloween Party.

Our church had it's annual Trunk or Treat tonight. Since it has been raining like a monsoon all day, we had our Trunk-or-Treat indoors. Many of the adults dressed up, as well as the kids. It was a very festive evening. We had a chili cookoff, the kiddos trick-or-treated in the classrooms, then we played bingo. Lots of fun and fellowship.