Saturday, January 24, 2009

Watch out, Caleb's now a Brown Belt!

Caleb had a Tae Kwon Do belt graduation today. He went from a purple belt to a brown belt. He was so excited because with his next belt level, he will be doing full contact sparring. He will be wearing full protective gear (head gear, chest protection, mouthpiece, as well as his gloves and boots). Much to his embarrassment, he also got a protective cup. I asked, "Do you know where that goes?" When I told him, he said "Nuh-uh, your kidding right?"

This is a video of his kickboxing routine.

Here is Caleb breaking boards.


Here are the kiddos. He has 8 in his current Future Kidz Intermediate class. He is graduating to the Future Kidz Advanced class.

Monday, January 19, 2009

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.

We are still here, just busy since the holidays have ended. The boys are back in the routine of school and after school activities. Caleb is getting ready to graduate to brown belt in Tae Kwon Do this coming weekend. He has been busy the past couple of weeks getting his last stripes, so he could graduate.
Last weekend me and the boys went to Henderson to finish up Mom's bathroom remodel project. It turned out great and she was so excited about it. We had lots of fun. The boys got to visit with cousins Paige and Shaun.

My 90 year old Grandaddy fell and broke his hip a couple of weeks ago. He has lived at home by himself for about 13 years now. He went through surgery without any major problems and is now in a rehab facility. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers because he is discouraged and depressed. We don't know how well he will recuperate or where he will go once he leaves rehab.

We have also been busy working on our house because we have it for sale by owner. We put it for sale in October, but haven't had much activity besides a couple of phone calls until recently. I have shown it 3 times in the past couple of weeks. That has kept us busy because I have been cleaning like a mad woman and packing up all knick-knacks, extra kid toys, and cleaning out closets. With 2 little boys in the house, keeping it tidy is a major chore. Right now interest rates are 3%! So we are hoping the right person will come along soon. We don't have another house picked out because we don't want to get attached to a house and it sell and we can't afford to have 2 house payments. We have looked at several houses over the past few months though, just to see what is out there and we watch and the For Sale By Owner websites closely. The main reasons we are thinking about moving are: 1)Our house is too small to comfortably have friends or family over to visit. There is no where for the kids to go and play, so it makes it difficult to visit with other adults. If friends or family have children, then it is really chaotic with all of the children running around. 2)Caleb has gone to an elementary school downtown, not in our district since Kindergarten. We decided to do this because of convenience for us. It is on our way to work and very close to my workplace. I can leave my job and easily go to his holiday parties or school events. Daycare and church buses both only pickup at the city schools, making it easier for afterschool care for Caleb. 3)With Ben's job, they have had discussions in the past of wanting him to live within city limits. We figured it would be easier to go ahead and start looking downtown or in the area around Caleb's school. We are in no rush to move, so we are selling by owner at the moment. So if you have anyone in mind that is looking for a 3 bedroom/2 bath house in Paducah, send them our way. :)