Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who chopped down the cherry tree?

We spent 3 weekends clearing trees and branches from our yard. It was long, hard work. We still have the huge piles along the side of the street (hoping that they will come through and pick up the branches and tree limbs sometime in the next couple of months). Our piles match the limbs, logs, and branches that are in just about every yard that you drive past in Western Kentucky. When you drive through the streets, it is incredible to see the destruction and the piles of tree debris that the boys thought looked like giant beaver dams everywhere. The sound of chain saws abound throughout town.
Our pitiful front yard during clean-up.

Who chopped down the cherry tree? Most school age children would say George Washington. But not our boys..."daddy did".

Down goes my cherry tree :(

Worker Mama constructing our beaver dam.

Daddy trimming off the damaged limbs.

Cody taking a break.

Front yard is cleared and trees are trimmed (as high as Ben could reach). Hoping the two Maples will make it this Spring.

Put the boys to work clearing the backyard.

Ben thought Cody looked like a city worker in this photo wearing the yellow vest.

Besides our shed being damaged, our fence was crunched in several sections. Thank goodness we don't have dogs in the backyard anymore.

My little helper.
We have two brush piles left in the backyard. Waiting for them to dry up enough to burn those. We still do not have internet (almost a month later). At the moment, we are still borrowing though wireless so we can check e-mail and have a little bit of internet time. We changed to AT&T and should have hook-up the first part of this coming week. YAY!!!


The Hadfields said...

We had that kind of family fun last weekend. I am ready for spring so that the leaves with help the trees not look quite so ugly. :(

Mom said...

Wild stuff; the boys look so cute helping out. It's a shame so many trees were lost. Chain saws have been the sound around here the past few weekends as well.

Kev said...

Wow! Looks like a bomb went off. So sad and ugly. Ah well, can't wait to come and see for my self when I get there this weekend.

Dad said...

It is hard to believe the destruction you all had, until you see pics. Hope the warmer weather and spring will bring some of it back

Jim said...

Y'all had more damage around your house than we did. Glenn is re-stringing the power lines to the shop today, and I'm still chopping wood here & there. Oh well, maybe I'll lose a few pounds in the process!