Sunday, March 29, 2009

Secret Pals Revealed

Caleb and Cody have had Secret Pals at church for the past several weeks. Today was the day they got to meet each other. They have enjoyed writing letters and learning about each other each week. Some weeks there were even small treats hanging on the bulletin board for them. We went to Books-A-Million yesterday in search of a small gift of appreciation for each of them. The boys had fun picking out what they would about a pack of gum or a lollipop? We settled on something a little more meaningful.

They met each other before church and sat down for a pancake breakfast, while the parents watched from another room (just in case the kids got a little wired from all the syrup or had a melt-down). Cody was so excited about his new cars, notepad, and piggybank with "real money" that he jumped up and gave Ms. Bobby a big hug! He can be such a sweet little boy. She said he talked to her the whole breakfast and was just a delight.
Caleb's Secret Pal was Miss Allison. He has been so interested in Miss Allison's trip to Frankfort. She has told him about the trip the past couple of letters. I have been trying to figure out who their Secret Pals were too. I thought I might have Caleb's guessed right because I knew she worked with children and I guessed right.
This has been such a fun activity for our children, as well as the adults. They have gotten to know each other better. They also learned some letter writing skills and how to talk to an adult that they don't know very well. Then of course, pancakes before church...what could be better?

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Mom said...

What an educational experience for both boys. Sounds like they all had a fun time with this.