Monday, March 23, 2009

Tae Kwon Do Exhibition

Caleb had a Tae Kwon Do exhibition in Louisville this past weekend. His dojang has been practicing for weeks. Kevin met us up there to see the performance. They did an awesome job and Caleb had a great time. It was tiring for Cody, but he still enjoyed the performances and feats.

Caleb was so excited to finally get to see Grandmaster Jung Oh Hwang a silver medalist from the Olympics and 6th degree black belt in TKD, 6th degree black belt in Judo and 7th degree black belt in Hapkido. His performance began with Grandmaster Hwang overthrowing several opponents that encircled him and came at him just like in the movies. I think it was 20 opponents in 1 minute. Then Grandmaster Hwang broke 6 bottles of Jim Beam Whiskey with his hand. The boys thought this was the best.

video Master Hwang kicking some butt.

videoIs he awesome or what?

Caleb's group performance was to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by The Charlie Daniel's Band. It was a good guys versus the bad guys routine.

I am trying to get the video to upload from his performance, but am having trouble getting it to work. I can view it from my computer, but can't get it to work for you to see on the blog. The other 2 videos were from a different camera and they saved to a different file format. I'll keep trying.

Jackson is a fifth grader at Caleb's school and has been doing TKD since he was small. He is a World Champion black belt and is just out of this world awesome. Jackson was the devil, of course and the other bo staff demonstrators were the demons.

Caleb's group was the good guys with the kama's led by Anita, the daughter of Caleb's instructor, who had a nunchuk routine.

These cool Chinese dragons from the Olympics greeted all of the martial arts participants as they entered the stadium.

Getting a little tired Caleb?

Once the exhibition was over the boys were anxious to go swimming. They wore Uncle Kevin out in the pool, while I tried to chill in the hot tub. After the adults had enough, we convinced the boys to go back to the room for a game of Uno. Chilling out in the hotel room for the rest of the evening.

The boys always think it is a wonderful treat to stay in a hotel, especially if it has an indoor swimming pool. All good hotels do, you know.

We saw Grandaddy at the Rehab Facility on Sunday. He had not seen the boys since last fall before he broke his hip. He had a good time watching them play with little action figures all around his room. He was very weak, but still sharp as a tack for a 91 year old man. Cody remembered that he used to play harmonica for him and Grandaddy enjoyed his memories of that. They both gave him great big hugs before leaving. I am sure it meant a lot to him to see them.

After that we went by and saw Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jim for a little while before heading home. It is so nice to visit with family that you are unable to see very often.


Mom said...

The TKD exhibition looked awesome. Wish I could have seen it.
Glad you all had a good visit.

The Other Uncle Jim said...

Congrats, Caleb! I would imagine seeing Grand Master Hwang was a treat in and of itself, but what a waste of perfectly good Jim Beam!

Our girls are the same way about hotels. We spent last Saturday night in one in Sikeston, MO, where we celebrated Lori's grandparent's 70th anniversary.

The Hadfields said...

Oh my! Having boys introduces such different things!! I bet they love all that fighting and breaking things, huh? Caleb and Cody are so precious!!

Kev said...

That was a cool pic of Hwang breaking those bottles. Nice shot!

Dad said...

It just blows my mind that that little Grandson is doing the things he does, and doing them well. Guess he'll have to Demo for Papaw this summer