Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long time, no blog...

I have been super busy lately and haven't had blogging time. I know you guys have been missing me. I do have some cute pictures of the boys in my camera that I want to share.

This one is from Fairy Tale Day at daycare. All of the kids at Cody's daycare were encouraged to dress up for Fairy Tale Day last week. Cody informed me that fairy tale was not Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, or Indiana Jones (there goes my idea of a costume that he already had). The night before, all I could think of was girly fairy tale stories...Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. Cody did not want to be a prince. So then I started naming characters from nursery rhymes...Little Boy Blue, Tom Thumb, Jack and Jill, etc. He politely informed me, "No Mama, I want to be a little pig from the Three Little Pigs." I told him we didn't have a little pig costume. He said with pleading eyes, "you can make me a piggy costume." I couldn't resist and got online searching for piggy costume ideas at 10 pm. So here is the end result of the last minute Little Pig costume. Cody woke up and was delighted.

Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!

Here is Mr. Joe Cool, ready for church.

Today was Spring Sports Day at Caleb's school. I remember this time last year, I blogged about memories of my field days when I was young.

This year Sports Day was at the highschool football field. I liked it much better. There was plenty of room for the kids to do their relays and dashes. We could watch from the stands and sit with the kids when it wasn't their turn.

They had a big time in the stands, signing each others shirts, eating junk concession candy, checking out ribbons that they won, and goofing off.

Caleb didn't win any ribbons, although disappointed, he was a good sport, tried his best, and had fun. I did too!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Hunts, Baskets, and Bunnies!

We had a wonderful Spring Break and Easter with family and friends. The only bad part was that the weather kind of sucked all week. It was either cold or rainy, which was unfortunate because it was Spring Break and the kids needed to be outdoors. Dave and Donna came Sunday through Wednesday. The boys were excited that Memaw and Peepaw were "staying for a long time". They watched the boys Monday and Wednesday while we worked. I took off Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We had a good time visiting and ate some delicious dinners together.

Kevin came on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. Saturday was a fun-filled day. We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at church and the weather was absolutely wonderful for it.
That's me with the mega phone. I was in charge of the egg hunt this year. I liked the mega phone...kind of wish I had one of those at home. "Dinner's ready." "Rise and Shine." "I told you to get off the games, Caleb" "Cody, quit hitting your brother." "I said NOW!" A woman with a mega phone, now that could be scary.

The boys got lots of eggs. It was very sweet to see them share their "prize eggs" with their friends and even strangers who didn't get a "prize egg".

Even Mase Atnip had a good time. He was constantly surrounded by little girls talking and playing with him.

The Easter Bunny arrived, of course, and the kids were so excited. Cody though told us on the way to the Easter Egg Hunt that the Easter Bunny was a "people". Caleb corrected him and said, "yeah, but only at church." I thought the bunny was a lot cuter this year.

A bunch of silly boys. Ayden, Quinn, Eli, Caleb, and Cody.

The Easter Egg Hunt was a lot of fun. The bouncy house and face painting were especially hot ticket items.

We went to see "Monsters Versus Aliens-3D" later that afternoon. It was a cute movie. The boys loved the 3D effects and the 3D glasses were the bomb! We thought the boys looked so cute in the huge Buddy Holly frames. Both boys were glued to the movie the whole time. Kevin and I wished we had a camera during the movie. Cody looked so darn cute wearing the huge 3D glasses with his body almost folded up in the movie seat.

Saturday night the Atnips had the boys over so we could go out to eat like "Real Adults". What is that? We went to Tokyo Habachi. Yummy food, entertaining food throwing, flame bursting fun! We'd already seen a movie earlier that day, so we didn't know what to do with ourselves without kids, so we went to Best Buy and Advance Auto. Then went home and played the Wii for a little while before picking up the little hooligans. (They had to be tucked into bed before the Easter Bunny came hopping past our house!)

Caleb woke up at 6:30 am full of excitement.

Cody was a little sleepy head, but stumbled down the stairs after his brother woke him up. Then quickly got excited too.

Kevin attempted to get a family Easter picture with everyone dressed up. Cody fell down the stairs and bumped his rear, so he was crying. Caleb was hopped up on candy and was acting like a silly head. But I think this is a more typical family picture of us. :)

Last Supper

Do you recognize the handsome disciple seated 2 places from the right of Jesus? That's right, it's Ben. We had a Last Supper portrayal on Maunday Thursday this past week. Ben was the disciple James and our friend Mark Atnip (seated at Jesus' left side), was James brother John.

Myself and Whitney Caywood were the women who set the table for the men.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter in Henderson

Cody came home from preschool on Friday with a cute little bunny face. Notice his dirty hands from digging up worms in the garden.

Saturday we headed to Henderson for Easter with the Ford family. Cousins Paige and Shaun showed up soon after we arrived. The kids were anxious to get the Easter Egg Hunt started, but the adults were ready to eat.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day and the kiddos had a blast finding the 90 eggs hidden in Grandmom's backyard.

Paige's new brother, Heath was the tiniest egg hunter of the pack.

He insisted on wearing a band-aid on his forehead for 2 days to cover a tiny scrape from a tumbling into the wall mishap.

Look I found an egg in the flowers!

Counting eggs to see if we found them all. I think in the end, 3 eggs were unaccounted for. When Kevin and I were kids mom used to use real hard-boiled eggs. The ones that were unaccounted for got run over by the mower in May or began to smell if the critters didn't find them.

Paige and Cody climbing trees like little monkeys.

Cody beat everyone out with the spoon race. He walked swiftly and never lost his egg. The other kids kept dropping their eggs and had to go back to start.

Time to trim that mop!

That night the boys begged to dye Easter Eggs. So Grandmom went to the store and bought a dozen eggs. I don't know if they had more fun dyeing or decorating.

I love these pictures of great concentration.

One of my favorite memories of Easter was always dyeing and decorating Easter Eggs when I was a child. Now I am making memories for my children.