Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter in Henderson

Cody came home from preschool on Friday with a cute little bunny face. Notice his dirty hands from digging up worms in the garden.

Saturday we headed to Henderson for Easter with the Ford family. Cousins Paige and Shaun showed up soon after we arrived. The kids were anxious to get the Easter Egg Hunt started, but the adults were ready to eat.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day and the kiddos had a blast finding the 90 eggs hidden in Grandmom's backyard.

Paige's new brother, Heath was the tiniest egg hunter of the pack.

He insisted on wearing a band-aid on his forehead for 2 days to cover a tiny scrape from a tumbling into the wall mishap.

Look I found an egg in the flowers!

Counting eggs to see if we found them all. I think in the end, 3 eggs were unaccounted for. When Kevin and I were kids mom used to use real hard-boiled eggs. The ones that were unaccounted for got run over by the mower in May or began to smell if the critters didn't find them.

Paige and Cody climbing trees like little monkeys.

Cody beat everyone out with the spoon race. He walked swiftly and never lost his egg. The other kids kept dropping their eggs and had to go back to start.

Time to trim that mop!

That night the boys begged to dye Easter Eggs. So Grandmom went to the store and bought a dozen eggs. I don't know if they had more fun dyeing or decorating.

I love these pictures of great concentration.

One of my favorite memories of Easter was always dyeing and decorating Easter Eggs when I was a child. Now I am making memories for my children.


Mom said...

So glad you all were able to come this past weekend. Love those boys! The weather was perfect for them to play outside. Great pics. Thanks for the memories.

Jim said...

We're doing our egg hunting this Sunday. Glad to see the kids had a great time!