Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long time, no blog...

I have been super busy lately and haven't had blogging time. I know you guys have been missing me. I do have some cute pictures of the boys in my camera that I want to share.

This one is from Fairy Tale Day at daycare. All of the kids at Cody's daycare were encouraged to dress up for Fairy Tale Day last week. Cody informed me that fairy tale was not Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, or Indiana Jones (there goes my idea of a costume that he already had). The night before, all I could think of was girly fairy tale stories...Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. Cody did not want to be a prince. So then I started naming characters from nursery rhymes...Little Boy Blue, Tom Thumb, Jack and Jill, etc. He politely informed me, "No Mama, I want to be a little pig from the Three Little Pigs." I told him we didn't have a little pig costume. He said with pleading eyes, "you can make me a piggy costume." I couldn't resist and got online searching for piggy costume ideas at 10 pm. So here is the end result of the last minute Little Pig costume. Cody woke up and was delighted.

Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!

Here is Mr. Joe Cool, ready for church.

Today was Spring Sports Day at Caleb's school. I remember this time last year, I blogged about memories of my field days when I was young.

This year Sports Day was at the highschool football field. I liked it much better. There was plenty of room for the kids to do their relays and dashes. We could watch from the stands and sit with the kids when it wasn't their turn.

They had a big time in the stands, signing each others shirts, eating junk concession candy, checking out ribbons that they won, and goofing off.

Caleb didn't win any ribbons, although disappointed, he was a good sport, tried his best, and had fun. I did too!

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The Hadfields said...

You have 2 of the cutest boys on this earth!! I loved seeing Cody as a pig, he was so proud that day! :)