Friday, May 15, 2009

Cody's Preschool Program

Cody's Preschool Graduation Program was last night. Although this was the graduation, he will be returning in the fall for another year of preschool. With him having a September birthday, we had the option of letting him start Kindergarten or continue in Preschool. We opted for the latter. We did not feel that him starting Kindergarten at age 4, already being the smallest in his Preschool class was the best for Cody. He is smart enough to have begun. But we felt being a boy, he needed the extra maturity and growth of another year. His preschool teachers agreed and are happy to have him back for another year.
Here are pictures of Cody's Preschool Program. Ms. Michelle is standing here with the "Fearsome Four" which she chose to begin the program. These are the other 3 "spirited" boys in his class. Whenever Cody has been in trouble at preschool, one of these boys was right there with him. :) He loves them dearly.
videoLove the toe tapping and foot slapping.

Cody was in perfect behavior during the program. Singing and dancing along with his classmates. He was so proud and we were too.

Cody had to pose with a dozen of his buddies after the performance. Hopping in every picture with this pose. I'm thinking he likes the limelight.

Goofing off with Tyler after the program.

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Mom said...

How cute! Wish I could have been there to see it. Good job Cody!