Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jumping and Spelling Bees

Caleb was chosen to move on to the Semi-Finals for the Clarks Got Talent Show. His talent is jumping on his pogo stick. His first round he jumped the whole song without stopping. This round he did slip off one time, but he jumped straight through the whole song! The pogo stick was a birthday present from Uncle Kevin. So he has only been jumping on it for a few months. He went from not being able to stay up and jump more than a couple of times to being one of the last 7 finalists out of the first grade.

Caleb's song was supposed to be "Jump" by Van Halen. On this movie, Abracadabra was accidentally played instead of Jump. But it didn't faze Caleb one bit.


Here is Cody cuddling with his kitty, Memphis. That silly kitty won't even let me cuddle him anymore, but he loves his Cody.

Caleb also had semi-finals for the first grade spelling bee. He was first place in one round and second place in another round. The spelling bee will be on Friday. Saturday he will be testing in Tae Kwon Do for his red belt. I will post pictures.


Kev said...

Glad that pogo stick is getting some use!

Mom said...

Great job Caleb! I think the TKD has helped his balance issues. Spelling bees are fun!
Love the pic of Cody & Memphis.