Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day at Garden of the Gods

The boys and Ben made Mother's Day a wonderful day for me. We drove all the way up to Marion, IL to go to Target (my very favorite store). That ended up being a bit of a bust because we got turned around trying to find it. Then remembered Marion got hit by a tornado and high winds earlier in the week, so the town was in a bit of disarray. Shingles and siding were ripped off businesses. Trees were uprooted and blown over. A heavy-duty light pole totally ripped up and busted over a parking lot that we turned around in. Sheds and outbuildings were thrown across the street into a cemetary. The electricity was out all over town and street lights were not working. Then to make matters really not favorable for our little excursion...Target was on generator power. :( It was dark and a little eerie in there. I couldn't see all the brightly colored merchandise or wonderful knick-knacks. We didn't stay long. It brought back too many memories of the ice storm outage.

My next surprise in store, was a hike at one of my favorite places, Garden of the Gods. We had not been there since I was pregnant with Cody. Somehow the vision of an unpredictable, energetic, highly non-fearful little boy, not to mention any names, dashing towards the edge of the cliffs has curbed our desire to visit this beautiful place until now. We finally felt that he was old enough to listen and know the consequences (falling off the edge and splatting like a bug). I gave both of them a huge talk before we got out of the car. I actually made them quite fearful, "this is a dangerous place", "children have died falling off these rocks", "adults go first", "no running, pushing, or going to the edge", etc. I got a "Yes ma'am" from both of them. Then my serious, cautious thinker added, "Why did you take us to such a dangerous place? I don't think I want to go."

But he soon got over that when he saw how beautiful it was and saw the rocks to climb on. Caleb was extremely cautious and careful as always. Cody surprisingly (thankfully) was in excellent behavior and waited for Daddy to climb a rock, help him over, then sat still as could be in the spot Daddy put him in.

Here is Camel Rock.

The boys goofing off at Table Rock pretending they are hanging off the edge.

Kevin and I used to come here alot with my dad when we were young. Being there always brings back memories of being there as a child. Dad loves it here too. Actually we were with Kevin, Dad, Lori, and Troy the last time we came, if I remember correctly.

Cool striations in this rock wall.

Gorgeous view! My boys being so good atop the high rock. It made me a bit nervous to think about the drop-off on the other side of Ben.

Ninja boys

My handsome guys!

Hiking the trail.

Just monkeying around.

What a great day! Thanks guys- I love you!!!


Mom said...

Love that place too. Glad you all had such a pretty day for it. Looks like the boys had fun.

Kev said...

Looks fun! Wish I was there with you too.

Dad said...

Your right, One of the best places to visit the beauty of this world. I always loved the trips with my Kids, now to see my grand kids there, we'll your keeping the traditions going. We may have to take another trip up this summer