Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moving up to Red Belt in TKD

Caleb had his Tae Kwon Do belt test this past weekend. He moved up from brown belt to red belt! He is doing great and we are so proud of him. Unfortunately I had to work on Saturday, but Ben and Cody took some great photos and video.
Caleb checking out his stripes.
Caleb sparring with Sami.
Caleb was the only brown belt testing to move up to red belt, so he had to do his routine by himself.

What a great finish!
Caleb stepping up to break boards with Instructor Jason.
Caleb did a spinning hook kick and a spinning knife hand to break his boards. Instructor Christy mentions that Caleb always has a smile on his face and needs a smiley face placed on his uniform.
For other updates...Caleb came in 2nd place in the 1st grade spelling bee. He didn't make it to the finals for pogo stick jump at the talent show, but he was okay with it. He stayed on "green" (best behavior) all year long in Ms. Sanders class, so he was 1 of 7 1st graders that got to go to the Sports Plex today as a reward for good behavior. He also came home with a trophy for being in the "100 Point Club in Accelerated Reader". He got at least 100 AR points this year in 1st grade. I believe that because he read around 2-4 books a week and 90% of them were chapter books like "Magic Treehouse", "Goosebumps", and "Andrew Lost". Tonight he just finished reading the 1st "Harry Potter" book, by himself. It has taken him since Spring Break to read it. But he has also continued to read his other 2-4 books in between reading it while at school, on the way home, or before school. This boy LOVES to read.


Kev said...

That is fantastic! Good goin Caleb! Such a superstar! Miss you guys!

Mom said...

WOW! Great job Caleb. We are all so proud of you!

Dad said...

He is really moving into being an all around Big Boy now. I am really proud of his accomplishments, especially in school Keep him Reading