Monday, May 4, 2009

Singing in the Rain and Mud

Our church had a camping trip at the lake this past weekend. We have a beautiful campground that we use for summer church camp, Kum Ba Ya. We decided to take advantage of this beautiful site on the lake and go up as a group last fall. Well Hurricane Ike did a number on the trees at the lake and at our campground last fall. We had to cancel our trip because the caretakers said we couldn't get into the area. We re-scheduled for the Spring, this past weekend. Yes, we were camping in all of that rain that we just had. Luckily since the site is for church camp, there are cabins, a wonderful gathering hall with a huge kitchen, arts and crafts room, bathhouses, and a pretty outdoor pavilion with a fireplace.
Kevin met us there. Here he is demonstrating his awesome "Chatelain point". Check out those cabins, nope no heat or air, but we did have bunks with a thin mattress. Best of all a roof over our heads, which was something to write home about with all of the rain we saw on Friday and Saturday. They did have electricity and lots of screened windows. I could see in the summer how they would be extremely hot and I could imagine spiders falling from the rafters as you slept at night.

We adopted the two eldest Atnip children for several days while Mark and Kelly were away on a business trip. So they came camping with us. The kids were estatic to arrive at Camp Kum Ba Ya with all of the other children from church. The steady rain did not faze them one bit. Luckily I had two ponchos, so Caleb wore his part of the time and Kiersa and Cody took turns wearing his yellow poncho. Thankfully it was warm enough that the kids could play out in the rain and mud and not worry us about catching pneumonia. Because there was no getting them out of it.

Bailey and Martha having girl time.

Kiersa and Gage clowning around.

The men folk having some serious discussions beside the fire.

As it got dark, the kids came into the main hall for games and arts/crafts.
Here is Joseph, Caleb, Quinn, and Cody looking like drowned rats.

The 4 Musketeers

We had Smores at the campfire that night and socialized till we had to get some sleepy children into bed. There was a hard steady rain all night long, perfect for sleeping. Except for the occasional waking up to pull covers and sleeping bags kicked off of children curled up in cold little balls in their beds and comforting Kiersa who fell like a ton of bricks out of her bed.
The rain cleared up for most of the morning. Bailey is enjoying the beautiful campsite. There were hiking trails around us and the lake was beautiful. Too bad it was so wet and muddy everywhere.

Speaking of muddy...

Quinn got very up close and personal with a mud hole. He was quite embarrassed about falling and getting so muddy, so I sent him to the shower to wash up and change clothes before we headed home.

The little guys didn't even make it 15 minutes down the road before they were out. Look how filthy they were! Everyone went into the shower or bath as soon as they walked into the house. We were all asleep early that night. Fun times!


Dad said...

I guess if your going to camp in the rain, it is nice to have shelter over your heads and being able to hear the rain hit on the roof. All in All looks like a nice camp

Mom said...

Glad you could all be together with friends and family. Making memories...what fun!