Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chatelain's Rock!

We just came back from an exceptionally wonderful time with the Chatelain family. With the death of Grandaddy, family came from all over (Texas, California, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky...even Panama!), to celebrate the wonderful, full life of a 90 year old "spicy cajun". We shared many tears, but most importantly we shared LOTS of good times, story telling, and laughter. That's one thing that the Chatelain's can do...we can have a good time!

Having some laughter, among the tears.

I was excited to see Kimber-doodle, youngest grandchild. We were afraid that she and Trent wouldn't make it up in time from their trip to Panama. I wish you luck in your job hunting in Panama- I am so proud of you!

Texas cousin, Byron and his beautiful wife Christy. Who recently discovered that she is housing the next generation. Can't wait to hear more about it!!! I really enjoyed getting to know you guys more. It was lots of fun talking with my far-away cousins. Some of which I hadn't seen since Grandmama's funeral or my wedding.

It's Fiesta time!

Michelle, Paige, Clint, and baby Heath. The family really appreciated you guys coming up. It meant so much, thank you.

Margaritas? What Margaritas?

Mom delighting in cutting up Kevin's meal.

And you should see the other guy!

Look at those good-looking Eddins. I am so excited...Rachel is newly engaged. I see a vacation to Texas in our future! We definitely must keep our plans for a reunion vacation, Rach.

Cousins!!! All but Nikki and Lauren (we missed you guys!) I am definitely not the tallest, but I am the oldest grandchild.

Eddins Family:
Byron, Christy, Rachel, Marie, Jason, and Rich

The Texans!! It was so much fun seeing you guys-it's been way too long!

Howard/Ford/Peterson Family:
Kevin, Marcia, Bill, Miranda, and Ben
We clean up good, even ole one arm.

Chatelain Family:
Austin, Debbie, Cass, Noel, and Darrell
Noel was too cute with her way prego belly. Hopefully she will be having a baby today (our first baby girl in the family since Kimber!)

Chatelain Family:
Jim, Sandy, Justin, and Amber
You guys are awesome...thanks for everything!!!

Tate/Buckmaster Family:
Trent (Kimber's boyfriend), Kimber, Kathy, and Pepper

Loved seeing you guys, as always! We just don't live close enough!!!

Siblings youngest to oldest. What a rambunctious bunch of kiddos.

"The Girls"

"The Boys"

What a great family! Let's not let it go as long before we see each other again. Keep in touch. Love you guys!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today was a very lazy, hot Father's Day. We pretty much stayed indoors because it was 97 degrees. I wanted to share some cute notes from the boys. They were asked by a woman at church to share "why they love their dad" and "why they think their dad is funny" for the church newsletter. Cody said, "I love my Dad because he is my best buddy!" Caleb said, "My Dad is so funny when he says 'Are we ready to go?' and he is in his underwear."

On a sad Grandaddy just passed away tonight. He has been in the nursing home since he fell and broke his hip last fall. He has gone down hill ever since and has been depressed. He told us on our visit a couple of weeks ago that he was ready to go to Heaven to be with Betty (my grandmother). Thankfully Mom went up to be with him this weekend and he was with family as he died. He wasn't in any pain. So I am thankful for that. He was ready to go and I am happy that he has lived a long, full life. I love you Grandaddy! Tell Grandmama hello for all of us!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paducah Firefighters Save the Day for Hot Kids

Caleb and Cody spent the week at Noble Park Kidz Club, a summer camp at the park. I opted to send them to this a few weeks this summer instead of daycare. They get to go on hikes, bug hunts, play games, do crafts, science experiments, go on field trips, watch movies, and go swimming several times a week. They have really had a great time this week. On Friday, the pool was closed and it was 94 degrees! The kids had brought their swim suits and were disappointed that they couldn't swim when it was so HOT. The Paducah Fire Department came to the rescue to cool down the hot kids at Noble Park. Much to the delight of the hot, sweaty children, firefighters sprayed them with their hoses and the firetruck for about 30 minutes. How awesome is that? I just happened to be at the park at that time and witnessed the children running and dancing in the spray.

After I picked up the boys, we went to Blackburn Sprayground. They love the spraypark. It is so cool and best of all--free.

Saturday evening, we met Aunt Marie, Uncle Rich, Byron, and a friend of Marie's. They were passing through Paducah on their way to Louisville. It was great to visit with our Texas family that we haven't seen in years. Some of them had never seen Caleb and Cody. The boys were of course in rare form. Sitting in a restaurant with a bunch of adults is not fun, so they began to get bored and hyped up on Root Beer. I was really glad to see everyone though and wished I didn't have to work this weekend, so I could have seen them more on Saturday or perhaps met up with everyone in Louisville.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer 'Do

I decided to get a spur of the moment summer hairdo. I always hate for my hair to be long in the summer. I usually cut it chin length or keep it in a pony tail to keep the heavy, hot mass out of the way. I went in today and said "cut it in a short bob, it's only hair, it grows back fast". So she did it. It's cute and sassy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baseball and Water fun

Caleb has been playing baseball and Cody playing t-ball since April, but somehow I have managed not to get any photos of this very time consuming sport. We have had baseball or t-ball games or practices at least twice a week, sometimes up to 4 times in one week. That is in addition to TKD twice a week. You can see how busy we have been in the evenings and on weekends this Spring. It has been a lot of fun though and the boys have greatly improved. We had lots of game/practice rain-outs at the beginning of the season, so we are making it up with lots of make-up games.
Caleb, Travis, and Quinn in the dugout.
Tyler and Caleb
3 sweaty children: Cody, Mase, and Kiersa having some popcorn and water at the game.
It has been typical Kentucky summer weather this weekend, very hot and humid. I won't put the pool up because I don't want a circle of dead grass while trying to sell the house. I got the slip and slide out instead.
Rosey thought that was a great idea.
She would slide and roll around in the water with the boys. At least they cooled down for a little while.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All I want for Christmas... my two front teeth! Yep, Caleb lost his other front tooth. He looks so adorable and has the cutest lisp. "Look mom, I loth my other toof!"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Parties, Church Camp, Lost Tooth, Lost House

We had a very eventful weekend. We got a contract on our house, found a house that we loved and were ready to make an offer on, went to church camp, lost a front tooth, went to a visit family, went to a birthday party, helped pick out a new kitty, came home, lost the contract on our house, went to a birthday party, discovered a water leak in our outdoor faucet...whew! Yeah, I have a headache just thinking about it.
Caleb had his first church camp this weekend. First and Second graders go with a parent the first two years of camp, so Ben went with him. Camp Kum Ba Yah is at the lake (the same place we went camping this spring). Caleb finally lost his front tooth on the way there. I say finally because this tooth has been loose for over 6 months. Like me, he does not like to pull or wiggle loose teeth. They have to fall out on their own or better yet, while eating. We have been working on this tooth for months and wouldn't you know it, he loses it on the way to church camp! The tooth next to it is ready to come out any time now as well. So he will soon be whistling, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." Check out the pictures of some crazy games at church camp.
Eating bananas with pantyhose over their heads.
Craft time.
Cody and I headed to Bowling Green for the weekend. Abbi was having a birthday party and we thought it would be fun to hang out with fam, just the two of us. We visited with Memaw and Peepaw, went to visit Great Papaw Howard, and saw Uncle KK.
Uncle KK knows Cody has a love for art and brought him a paint by number project that they worked on together.
Then we went to the Humane Society and Adoption Shelter to check out some kitties. Kevin has been wanting to get a friend for his kitty, Sydney. We picked out a huge cat named Jax. He was already declawed, immunized, and neutered. He has a very laid-back sweet disposition, so we thought he would fit in good with Sydney. This cat is huge, not only of the overweight persuasion, but very long. We were in an adoption room with him for about 30 minutes to see his personality and to see how he got along with another cat they brought in. Cody was bouncing off the walls and tossing puppy toys all over the room. The cat was not fazed one bit. We later found out that he was raised around children. He really reminded Kevin and I of my old kitty Kobe, so laid back and good-natured. After seeing how great he was, Kevin had to get him. Later that night I went over to Kev's apartment to check on kitty progress. We flipped through the pet name book and decided to change his name to Bentley. He had made himself at home and seemed very comfortable and content. Sydney however was not having any of this, she hid upstairs and when she came down she let this newbie know that she was not happy about the situation.
Saturday afternoon we went to Jim and Lori's for Abbi's birthday party.
I think Cody didn't know quite what to do without Caleb. He went outside and played with Peepaw. Finally after some of the crowd cleared, he went out and played bubbles with Abbi. Then we found all the cousins digging in the dirt, happy as clams. Fun times!
Sunday we got home in time to find out some bad news on our house. We had a family come see our house on Monday and make an offer. By Wednesday we had a contract signed. We were so excited we began looking at houses ourselves and found one that we loved. We told the people we would come back on Sunday when we got back in town and see it again, probably discussing an offer. Well just as we were about to go see that house...the realtor called about the couple that have a contract on our house. They have pulled out and cancelled the contract. Apparently at the inspection of our house on Friday, they found water in our crawl space under the house. Ben went out immediately and looked because we were shocked. Sure enough there was about 2 inches of water. We have NEVER had water under our house. Ben has been under there numerous times, messing with wiring, cable, etc. In fact he was just under there a month ago and it was totally dry. We have noticed the back faucet leaking alot when we use the hose to water our garden, but hadn't noticed it to be a problem when the water was off. We checked it out and it was slowly dripping water out constantly. What a disaster! The couple didn't want to have it checked out because they feared for mold growing under our house. We had to call the couple of the house that we liked and cancel our meeting with them. Then off we headed to another birthday party. Kiersa turned four and had a birthday party outdoors in their backyard. It was a beautiful evening and it was nice to be around our friends after receiving such depressing news. We are trying to be hopeful that our house will sell again quickly and the house we like will still be available. Or perhaps there is another home out there in our future, yet to be found.


We decided Rosey needed a fur-cut. Her hair was way out of control and would become a mess after being out in the rainy, muddy yard. So I made an appointment at the pet beauty salon. I thought she might like to make it a girl's day out, so I took Jasmine in for a fur-cut too. She is 16 and does not style her fur like she should. The girl is matted, nappy, and looking atrocious. So at the salon, the girls flipped through the style magazines and came up with some mod do's. Jasmine's is called the "Lion Cut" and Rosey was going to go for the "Schnauzer Do", but changed her mind at the last minute and said, "Let's cut it all off for the summer, but leave my beard and whiskers please."

Cody loved Rosey's bows in her ears. "She is so pretty!"

Jasmine was a bit camera shy after her cut, but was actually quite proud of her new do. She has been prancing around the house showing it off because she feels fine!