Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baseball and Water fun

Caleb has been playing baseball and Cody playing t-ball since April, but somehow I have managed not to get any photos of this very time consuming sport. We have had baseball or t-ball games or practices at least twice a week, sometimes up to 4 times in one week. That is in addition to TKD twice a week. You can see how busy we have been in the evenings and on weekends this Spring. It has been a lot of fun though and the boys have greatly improved. We had lots of game/practice rain-outs at the beginning of the season, so we are making it up with lots of make-up games.
Caleb, Travis, and Quinn in the dugout.
Tyler and Caleb
3 sweaty children: Cody, Mase, and Kiersa having some popcorn and water at the game.
It has been typical Kentucky summer weather this weekend, very hot and humid. I won't put the pool up because I don't want a circle of dead grass while trying to sell the house. I got the slip and slide out instead.
Rosey thought that was a great idea.
She would slide and roll around in the water with the boys. At least they cooled down for a little while.


Jim said...

Caleb's cute w/his toothless smile & baseball uni! Who enjoyed the slip-n-slide more, Rosey or the boys?

Mom said...

Looks like great fun. Love the photos of boys in uniform.