Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chatelain's Rock!

We just came back from an exceptionally wonderful time with the Chatelain family. With the death of Grandaddy, family came from all over (Texas, California, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky...even Panama!), to celebrate the wonderful, full life of a 90 year old "spicy cajun". We shared many tears, but most importantly we shared LOTS of good times, story telling, and laughter. That's one thing that the Chatelain's can do...we can have a good time!

Having some laughter, among the tears.

I was excited to see Kimber-doodle, youngest grandchild. We were afraid that she and Trent wouldn't make it up in time from their trip to Panama. I wish you luck in your job hunting in Panama- I am so proud of you!

Texas cousin, Byron and his beautiful wife Christy. Who recently discovered that she is housing the next generation. Can't wait to hear more about it!!! I really enjoyed getting to know you guys more. It was lots of fun talking with my far-away cousins. Some of which I hadn't seen since Grandmama's funeral or my wedding.

It's Fiesta time!

Michelle, Paige, Clint, and baby Heath. The family really appreciated you guys coming up. It meant so much, thank you.

Margaritas? What Margaritas?

Mom delighting in cutting up Kevin's meal.

And you should see the other guy!

Look at those good-looking Eddins. I am so excited...Rachel is newly engaged. I see a vacation to Texas in our future! We definitely must keep our plans for a reunion vacation, Rach.

Cousins!!! All but Nikki and Lauren (we missed you guys!) I am definitely not the tallest, but I am the oldest grandchild.

Eddins Family:
Byron, Christy, Rachel, Marie, Jason, and Rich

The Texans!! It was so much fun seeing you guys-it's been way too long!

Howard/Ford/Peterson Family:
Kevin, Marcia, Bill, Miranda, and Ben
We clean up good, even ole one arm.

Chatelain Family:
Austin, Debbie, Cass, Noel, and Darrell
Noel was too cute with her way prego belly. Hopefully she will be having a baby today (our first baby girl in the family since Kimber!)

Chatelain Family:
Jim, Sandy, Justin, and Amber
You guys are awesome...thanks for everything!!!

Tate/Buckmaster Family:
Trent (Kimber's boyfriend), Kimber, Kathy, and Pepper

Loved seeing you guys, as always! We just don't live close enough!!!

Siblings youngest to oldest. What a rambunctious bunch of kiddos.

"The Girls"

"The Boys"

What a great family! Let's not let it go as long before we see each other again. Keep in touch. Love you guys!!!


Kev said...

I need copies of those pics!

Mom said...

Love my family...every single one of you!
Great pics Miranda!

Anonymous said...

We loved being there. Michelle really like the family. Your family, Kevin and Marcia are all part of my family and I will always be there for you. I wish there was more I could have done and we wish we could have been there the days following the funeral. I think the Chatelain clan is a very interesting group and like being around them. :)