Monday, June 8, 2009


We decided Rosey needed a fur-cut. Her hair was way out of control and would become a mess after being out in the rainy, muddy yard. So I made an appointment at the pet beauty salon. I thought she might like to make it a girl's day out, so I took Jasmine in for a fur-cut too. She is 16 and does not style her fur like she should. The girl is matted, nappy, and looking atrocious. So at the salon, the girls flipped through the style magazines and came up with some mod do's. Jasmine's is called the "Lion Cut" and Rosey was going to go for the "Schnauzer Do", but changed her mind at the last minute and said, "Let's cut it all off for the summer, but leave my beard and whiskers please."

Cody loved Rosey's bows in her ears. "She is so pretty!"

Jasmine was a bit camera shy after her cut, but was actually quite proud of her new do. She has been prancing around the house showing it off because she feels fine!

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The Petitts said...

Your cat looks naked, but your puppy looks precious.