Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today was a very lazy, hot Father's Day. We pretty much stayed indoors because it was 97 degrees. I wanted to share some cute notes from the boys. They were asked by a woman at church to share "why they love their dad" and "why they think their dad is funny" for the church newsletter. Cody said, "I love my Dad because he is my best buddy!" Caleb said, "My Dad is so funny when he says 'Are we ready to go?' and he is in his underwear."

On a sad Grandaddy just passed away tonight. He has been in the nursing home since he fell and broke his hip last fall. He has gone down hill ever since and has been depressed. He told us on our visit a couple of weeks ago that he was ready to go to Heaven to be with Betty (my grandmother). Thankfully Mom went up to be with him this weekend and he was with family as he died. He wasn't in any pain. So I am thankful for that. He was ready to go and I am happy that he has lived a long, full life. I love you Grandaddy! Tell Grandmama hello for all of us!


Jim said...

Sorry about your Granddad, Miranda. If y'all need anything, let us know!

Kids say the funniest things sometimes! Remind me next time to share Abbi's "big things" story!

Anonymous said...

You know my heart goes out to you. Let me know the when's and where's because dad will not get them right and I want to come up to Louisville

270-860-1803 cell