Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paducah Firefighters Save the Day for Hot Kids

Caleb and Cody spent the week at Noble Park Kidz Club, a summer camp at the park. I opted to send them to this a few weeks this summer instead of daycare. They get to go on hikes, bug hunts, play games, do crafts, science experiments, go on field trips, watch movies, and go swimming several times a week. They have really had a great time this week. On Friday, the pool was closed and it was 94 degrees! The kids had brought their swim suits and were disappointed that they couldn't swim when it was so HOT. The Paducah Fire Department came to the rescue to cool down the hot kids at Noble Park. Much to the delight of the hot, sweaty children, firefighters sprayed them with their hoses and the firetruck for about 30 minutes. How awesome is that? I just happened to be at the park at that time and witnessed the children running and dancing in the spray.

After I picked up the boys, we went to Blackburn Sprayground. They love the spraypark. It is so cool and best of all--free.

Saturday evening, we met Aunt Marie, Uncle Rich, Byron, and a friend of Marie's. They were passing through Paducah on their way to Louisville. It was great to visit with our Texas family that we haven't seen in years. Some of them had never seen Caleb and Cody. The boys were of course in rare form. Sitting in a restaurant with a bunch of adults is not fun, so they began to get bored and hyped up on Root Beer. I was really glad to see everyone though and wished I didn't have to work this weekend, so I could have seen them more on Saturday or perhaps met up with everyone in Louisville.

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The Petitts said...

I am gonna have to get the kids out to that spraypark, I completely forget about it. Amy H. says she has taken her kids too.