Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend with Family and Friends

Paige came up with Grandmom and Papaw Ford on Saturday. What a wonderful surprise for the boys. "Paige gets to stay all day and play, then spend the night too!" They had the best time and played outside almost all day long. Paige loved Rosey and the kitties. "Where did that kitty go? Help me find her." Looks like she has Rosey in a headlock here, but she is just trying to get the wiggly pup to sit still long enough to get her picture made. After several attempts, this was the best we could get.
Ben had to get a load of rocks for a home improvement project. The boys have a love of pretty rocks, just like their Grandmom.
I asked them to fill up a 5 gallon bucket, so they could help me put some of the rocks around the goldfish pond. It took them 30 minutes to fill it up 1/4 full because they were searching for the coolest, prettiest ones. Finally we got close to 1/2 a bucket and I called it good.


Went to visit the Petitt's on Sunday. Paul is feeling better. The boys jumped in the pool immediately. They are a bunch of little fish!Cody climbing the tree and hanging from a rope like a little monkey as usual.
Then it was time for a little Petitt/Peterson baseball. Paul and Christy took turns pitching for the boys. Cody got distracted when he noted that the dogs were digging furiously for moles. Note the dog's head totally underground. Cody couldn't resist getting dirty and stopped playing ball to help the dogs dig.
Caleb had to check out the digging too. Cody is taking off his crocs to walk in the tunnels barefooted.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Annual Howard Family Visit

The Howard Family came to Paducah for their annual summer vacation. It was great to have Dad, Lori, Troy, and Kevin here for a week. It was hot and humid the beginning of the week, so we did not get out much. We watched movies and stayed indoors. Then we had a wonderful cold front come through that cooled it off to the 70's for the rest of the week and the weekend. It was fabulous to be off and with my family in such awesome weather for July. We took advantage of the weather change and went on "Family Time" adventures. One day we just went to the river front and let the boys wade in the water and toss rocks. On Friday we went to Columbus Belmont Park. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed overlooking the Mississippi River. The boys had a ball playing on the cannons.
On Saturday, we went to Land Between the Lakes. It was a gorgeous day. We went to the Elk and Bison Prarie and saw several bison, then went to the 1800's Homestead. The boys loved the animals at the homestead.
Next we split up at the Nature Center. Cody, Mamaw, and Daddy went to the Nature Center to see the animals. Cody got to hold a king snake! They went on a 1 mile hike when they finished. The rest of us went on a 2 mile hike around Hematite Lake. It was beautiful.

We had a wonderful time with our family. The boys loved Papaws jokes and fun times. They clowned around with Uncle Kevin and Uncle Troy constantly. Bedtime was particularly special with book time with Mamaw. We miss you guys already!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Hope everyone had a festive 4th of July! We went to the Petitt's for our annual firework show and cookout. Disappointingly it was a very rainy, stormy day for the 4th. We made the best of it anyways. Running out for fireworks in between showers or a pause in the weather.Cody monkeying around as usual.
The boys began a game of ball in the backyard.

Andrew the little pro baseball player. Soon after this we had a downpour and everyone made a run for the porch. The wind started whipping around and blew a few more ice storm leftovers from their trees.
Even though it was pouring, the men did what they do best...grilling and frying up some fish.

A break in the storm...let's throw Snap-Pops.
Ben lighting colored smoke bombs.
When it became dark we got out the sparklers. Andrew is such a cutie!
Cody loved the sparklers.
Adam had to get two sparklers, Mr. Independence Day.
We had to rush the kids after this because it began sprinkling again and we wanted to start the fireworks before another storm front came through. We got half way into the firework show and a monsoon hit. The firework men braved it as long as they could and kept setting off as many as they could light in the downpour. They would light one and it would fizzle out in the rain, then they would light two more and one would go off. We would all cheer. Finally their lighters wouldn't even work and they had to take a break until the weather let up. The rain finally slowed enough for them to finish the show. Great job firework guys!
Thanks for a great time Petitt's, even through a very tough time. We love you guys!