Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend with Family and Friends

Paige came up with Grandmom and Papaw Ford on Saturday. What a wonderful surprise for the boys. "Paige gets to stay all day and play, then spend the night too!" They had the best time and played outside almost all day long. Paige loved Rosey and the kitties. "Where did that kitty go? Help me find her." Looks like she has Rosey in a headlock here, but she is just trying to get the wiggly pup to sit still long enough to get her picture made. After several attempts, this was the best we could get.
Ben had to get a load of rocks for a home improvement project. The boys have a love of pretty rocks, just like their Grandmom.
I asked them to fill up a 5 gallon bucket, so they could help me put some of the rocks around the goldfish pond. It took them 30 minutes to fill it up 1/4 full because they were searching for the coolest, prettiest ones. Finally we got close to 1/2 a bucket and I called it good.


Went to visit the Petitt's on Sunday. Paul is feeling better. The boys jumped in the pool immediately. They are a bunch of little fish!Cody climbing the tree and hanging from a rope like a little monkey as usual.
Then it was time for a little Petitt/Peterson baseball. Paul and Christy took turns pitching for the boys. Cody got distracted when he noted that the dogs were digging furiously for moles. Note the dog's head totally underground. Cody couldn't resist getting dirty and stopped playing ball to help the dogs dig.
Caleb had to check out the digging too. Cody is taking off his crocs to walk in the tunnels barefooted.


Mom said...

Enjoyed our visit. The kids had a ball.

Kev said...

Looks like y'all had fun! Miss you guys!