Sunday, August 9, 2009

New School, New House

Caleb's first day of school :) Second grade in a new school. Tell you more about that later.

Here is a cute picture of Caleb and Cody wrestling. Check out Caleb's sweet face and Cody's "I'm going to take you down" look. This totally defines their personalities to the tee.

We have been extremely busy the past few weeks. We sold our house-closing on the 17th of August. Yay! Finally!!! Once that happened, we began a whirlwind house search. We have been looking at houses since last October when we put our house for sale by owner. But once we sold (yes we did it for sale by owner), we had a little over a month to find one to move into or else start looking for rentals. Thankfully, when we were beginning to think we would end up with the latter, we found "the house". It is just what we have been looking for...just not in the area that we had been looking.

Here it is! We will be moving to a different county, but it is still close enough to get to work in 15-20 minutes. We should be able to move in the end of August. It is much bigger than our current house and has lots of great space for the boys. They can each have their own bedroom and there is a basement that is partially finished. We plan to use it as a gameroom for the boys/Daddy.

The Kitchen has been totally remodeled in the past couple of years with all new appliances. I love it!!
Another space for me :) My sunroom!

The boys are way excited about the pool. Of course they are little fish and spent all summer swimming at camp.

Check out the huge yard! That is Ben way down the hill. There is a little creek running through the side of the property and we own all the way to the far trees Ben is walking towards. Behind the house is wooded. We don't own it, but it will be used nevertheless.
Cody has been such a big helper. He loves to help us pack and tape up the boxes. He is showing us a cool dance move while helping Daddy pack.


Mom said...

The boys are so funny. I know they are excited about the new house. If only your stuff could just pack itself. Miss you guys.

Kev said...

I was beginning to wonder if you abandoned the blogging business. haha Looks great! Can't wait to come see the new house and property! Double oven?! You should host Thanksgiving this year!!!

The boys are so funny. Miss you guys!