Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daddy's 35th Birthday and Tae Kwon Do

Friday was Ben's 35th Birthday! As Kevin said, "Man he's getting old!" Yeah, we all are. Ben continues to remind me on a frequent basis that I am still older than he is :)
We had a good time for his birthday. Kelly and Mark got a baby sitter that watched their kids and ours. We went out to eat at a local restaurant with an outside patio. It was a perfect evening to be outside. Afterwards we walked downtown and on the riverfront.

Mom and Bill invited us to their campsite on the lake Saturday night. We didn't spend the night, but we spent the evening there. Although it was hot and muggy, the boys had a blast swimming in the lake. It was beautiful and relaxing. Just what we needed after a stressful week dealing with issues on selling our house.

Cody kept finding little tiny frogs. He wanted to take them home with us.

Bill and Ben enjoying the view of the lake.

Caleb's belt test to graduate from red belt white stripe to red belt black stripe was this past Saturday.
This video is of their Free Form Kama routine. They each had to develop their own steps.
videoThis video is Caleb demonstrating HMA2 Form.

Breaking boards
Caleb and Reese


Mom said...

Don't worry Ben--you're still young at heart. Love the pics from the lake. Enjoyed our visit. Thanks guys for coming!
Caleb can really kick some ----

Kev said...

Cool! Congrats to Caleb! Look forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks and your new house.

Jim said...

Well, Caleb can keep y'all in firewood for the foreseeable future :)

I feel Ben's pain...some days more than others, but then again I am older.

What was I saying again?...?

The Hadfields said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!! Caleb is awesome!! :)

Dad said...

Tell Ben, He might think he's old, but wait till he's looking at 50. Did Caleb pass the belt test?

The Petitts said...

Happy birthday Ben! Are you ONLY 35?