Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween parties :)

Ninja Caleb! I went to Caleb's Halloween party today. Notice the missing bottom teeth. He lost them both this week. The second one was a little loose, but broke off in a bloody mess when he crunched down on a sucker. Ben and I were upstairs when it happened and heard him crying. I came downstairs and saw blood everywhere. He thought he had lost a permanent tooth and that was why he was so upset. It did come out root and all, thank goodness.

At Caleb's Halloween party his class voted on an ice cream sundae party for Halloween. Yummy! They had sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, and strawberry syrup for toppings.

Pin the nose on the pumpkin.

The boys parties were at two different times this year, so I actually made it to both :) Usually I have to alternate each child with the holidays.

Cody's Preschool Halloween Party.

Our church had it's annual Trunk or Treat tonight. Since it has been raining like a monsoon all day, we had our Trunk-or-Treat indoors. Many of the adults dressed up, as well as the kids. It was a very festive evening. We had a chili cookoff, the kiddos trick-or-treated in the classrooms, then we played bingo. Lots of fun and fellowship.

Pumpkin Patch

Cody had his Fall Festival at daycare last week. They had lots of fun playing games, riding the train, petting animals at the petting zoo, and getting their face painted. Cody got a ghost painted on his face.

He also had a field trip with preschool to the pumpkin patch. I love going to Wurth Farms in October. They have hayrides out to the pumpkin patch.

Cody and Kiersa, the cutest pumpkins in the patch.

Cody's other little "girlfriend" Calista. They had to sit beside each other on the hayride.

Cody and his girls.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caleb got two Eagles!

Caleb competed in his first TaeKwonDo Tournament in Louisville this weekend. He decided to participate in all 3 events-forms, breaking boards, and sparring. His current belt level is red belt with black tip. That's Caleb wearing the red at opening ceremony.

Caleb was very excited about being at the TKD U.S. Open.

Awards are granted as Eagle (1st place), Dragon (2nd place), and Tiger (3rd place). Caleb won Dragon in sparring and got a medal.

videoCaleb won Eagle in breaking boards. He had to break 3 boards, two kicks and one hand technique. We were so proud when he broke all of them on the first strike or kick.

He won this Eagle trophy for forms (the trophy is sitting on the ground and goes up to his shoulders). He had to learn a whole new 24-step form for this competition. He learned it over vacation in North Carolina! His instructor is wonderful and made him a DVD of himself doing the form technique. We played it over and over, pausing and replaying as Caleb practiced every night of vacation. It sure paid off! He was beaming with joy and we were very proud of his achievements.
Caleb had to write an essay about the tournament for Instructor Jason. I am going to type it out as he wrote it: My first tournament hma 23rd

"My first tournament experience was very fun. My favrite part was wining the 3.0 ft eagle trophy for forms. I wanted to enter the tournament becase I thought I could do good. I was not worryed since I practiced a lot. I was most confident about borad breaking. My plan for the day was to eat good food and practice. I thought the other kids would be good.

After the tournament I felt PROUD and excited! I think the worst part was having to sit and wait all morning long till it was my turn to compete. I would like to win grand champion one day. The 6.0 ft trophy was very cool.

Other things I enjoyed was watching Will, Sarah, Nicole, Peyton, and other black belts win their trophies. I enjoyed riding the escalator in the hotel. I am glad that my uncle was there to see me."

Caleb Peterson

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vacation to North Carolina

After driving on curving, winding roads through the mountains alongside sheer cliffs with spectacular views of mountains and river gorges we arrived at our destination. Sapphire Valley, Cashiers, North Carolina. The first day of hiking and exploring the area, we hiked a 2-mile trail to the top of Whiteside Mountain for a spectacular view of the valley. Whiteside Mtn is one of the oldest mountains in the world with an elevation of 4930 feet.
That evening Kevin, Cody, and I then hiked around Fairfield Lake, a 55-acre lake beside Bald Rock Mountain. The lake hike was much longer than we thought after hiking so long that morning and our legs were tired. The trail was a quiet one with hardly anyone else hiking beside the beautiful lake nestled in the valley around the giant mountains. Cody was a strong little hiker, only complaining towards the end that his little legs hurt.We saw many waterfalls in the area during our vacation. Dry Falls was one of our favorites. This beautiful 80-foot waterfall was just a short distance from the highway and you could walk behind it. The boys thought that was awesome. One of the days was misty rain and very foggy. We took the boys gem mining and did a little shopping in a quaint little town up the winding road. One of our most strenuous hikes was to Rainbow Falls. This was a very long trail along steep mountain sides, slippery rocks; over a rocky path filled with knarled roots. At the end was an amazing 150 foot waterfall, up the path from that gorgeous waterfall was another fall called Turtleback Falls. Then we had to turn around and hike all the way back. I was amazed how well the kids did on that hike because it was long and rough. My knees and legs were aching all night long. But the next morning, we were up and ready to discover more waterfalls. Here is the bottom of Narrows Falls. Whitewater Falls was another spectacular waterfall that was not a long trail. It is the tallest waterfall in the East at 420 feet! For our last day of hiking, we hiked a moderate trail to the top of Bald Rock Mountain.
The color of autumn had unfolded before our eyes during our week in North Carolina. By the last day, the trees were gold, crimson, and amber. What a breathtaking view it was from the top of a mountain.