Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween parties :)

Ninja Caleb! I went to Caleb's Halloween party today. Notice the missing bottom teeth. He lost them both this week. The second one was a little loose, but broke off in a bloody mess when he crunched down on a sucker. Ben and I were upstairs when it happened and heard him crying. I came downstairs and saw blood everywhere. He thought he had lost a permanent tooth and that was why he was so upset. It did come out root and all, thank goodness.

At Caleb's Halloween party his class voted on an ice cream sundae party for Halloween. Yummy! They had sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, and strawberry syrup for toppings.

Pin the nose on the pumpkin.

The boys parties were at two different times this year, so I actually made it to both :) Usually I have to alternate each child with the holidays.

Cody's Preschool Halloween Party.

Our church had it's annual Trunk or Treat tonight. Since it has been raining like a monsoon all day, we had our Trunk-or-Treat indoors. Many of the adults dressed up, as well as the kids. It was a very festive evening. We had a chili cookoff, the kiddos trick-or-treated in the classrooms, then we played bingo. Lots of fun and fellowship.


Kev said...

Those pictures were so cute. I miss you guys!

Mom said...

Love Halloween. Sounds like you all had great fun. Love the pics of the kids.

The Hadfields said...

How fun! I love the difference b/w girls and boys costumes!! I guess I can look forward to tough and scary guys, ninjas, superheros and transformers, huh?? That's a little different from the 24/7 full of ballerninas and princesses at my house, even when it's not Halloween!!!