Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yeah, Haven't Posted in Awhile...

This has been a busy month. I started teaching nursing clinicals for the community college when we got back from vacation in October. I still have my regular job at the hospital, just venturing out a little. But that has kept me busy grading papers and checking student progress on the online blackboard in the evenings. I just finished up my last clinical for this semester. Don't have anymore until the end of January. It has been fun and refreshing to be with the nursing students. I have felt like I am neglecting the boys being at work all the time, especially the evenings.

Here I am trying to make up for it by having Mama-time with the boys while Daddy went hunting one weekend. They wanted to do experiments. So we made volcanos with baking soda and gelatin and tried a different volcano with Alka-seltzer. Then we made home-made bubbles. They had a blast.

I missed yet another of Caleb's TKD belt tests because I worked last weekend. He graduated from the top of the kid level with a brown belt to the more advanced Karate Kids Prep classes, beginning now at Prep Orange Brown belt.

At school this week, both boys had to dress up as Indians for Thanksgiving. We decided to design our own Indian costumes. The boys decorated shirts with handprints and paint. Cody hot glued feathers to his and made an Indian headress as well. Caleb just wanted a turkey feather and he wanted fringe. I found some faux leather fabric from when I had made a cowboy costume for him when he was little and wa-la..."Laughing Bear" was born.

This picture didn't turn out very good, but he wouldn't be still (image that). Here is "Little Feather".

Daddy got a big deer this past weekend. It was a nice size 9 pointer. Check out the antlers on that big guy. The boys thought it was cool to watch Daddy field dress it. "Oooh! Look at the guts!" Cody hung out for hours as Ben strung it up, skinned it, and cut it up.

We just finished cutting up all the meat, grinding it up, and putting it in freezer wrap.

Now I'm ready for some turkey!!!