Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas around Kentucky

Christmas morning the boys were up at 5 am ready to see if Santa had come. Caleb burst into our room and rushed downstairs to Kevin's room to inform us that Santa had come! We all rushed downstairs to check out the toys under the tree. The best present by far for both kids was a new Nintendo DSi with cool cases. Caleb's has a Bakugan case and Cody has a nerf case.

Here are Uncle Kevin Claus and Caleb doing what they do best... iPhone and Nintendo DSi.

I don't know what Cody was upset about, but I love this expression on his face.

This was the present Caleb bought Cody at school.

The boys received lots of wonderful gifts and had a big time opening presents. What excitement!

We went to Ben's parents house in Bowling Green the day of Christmas. Jim, Lori, and the kids came over that evening to open presents and to let the kids get rowdy in the basement.

Coffee at the Peterson house anyone?

My new sweater.

The next day, Granny and Grandpa Miller, as well as Donna's brother's and some cousins came to share in a wonderful feast of taco soup, chicken noodle, and bean soup. We also had sandwiches, veggies, cheese, and awesome desserts. Yummy!

Peterson cousins Katie, Ben, Cody, Caleb (crying because he had just bumped his head wrestling), and Makinna. Abbi had just woken from a nap and did not want her picture taken.

The boys had a wonderful time with their cousins. The time between visits is always too long.
We had great fun and food at the Peterson's, but had to leave to head to Henderson for Christmas with the Ford family.

I love this picture of Caleb in the car on the way to Grandmom's house with his flame hat and ear buds playing his Nintendo DSi of course.

Caleb and his cousin Shaun vegged out...again playing the DSi.

The grandkids helping Grandmom open her present. We pitched in together to get her a much needed microwave oven. Hers was one of the original microwaves from the 1980's, unbelievably it was still working. Who knows how much radiation we have received over the years from it though :)

Thanks to all of our family for such a wonderful Christmas and all of the great gifts and holiday cheer! We love you all!


Kev said...

I needed a rest from the nephews a bit, but I still miss them much! I was thinking today how a week ago I was watching those crazy boys and making those silly masks. Wish I lived closer.

Mom said...

Glad we got to spend time together over the past week. The boys are always fun even if they do wear an old Grandmom out.