Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Snow Day of 2010

Today we woke up to about an inch of snow. Everyone in Western Kentucky has been freaking out about the snow coming. "We don't want to end up in the same predicament as we did last year during the ice storm". I went to the grocery on Tuesday on my way home from work, not because we were getting snow, but because we were out of a couple of things, namely potatoes. Cody has been begging me to fix mashed potatoes for several days and I have been out, since I used them all in the potato casserole on New Years Eve. Anyway I went to the produce department and walked straight over to where the potatoes are displayed. I couldn't find any potatoes except red potatoes. I retraced my steps to the front of the produce and around each produce bin thinking, "well maybe they are next to the apples, or the oranges, or bananas, okay maybe they don't have any that is really strange". I still wasn't thinking about snow and all of Paducah buying potatoes because of the snow. I was disappointed that I couldn't find any potatoes for Cody, so I went down another aisle to find a couple of other things on my list. The shelves were ransacked, especially of non-perishable food items. What is going on? This store always has a good selection. Then I came to the front of the aisles where I could see the cash registers, by now I had about 10 items in my cart (that always seems to happen when just stopping in for one thing). Each register was open and there were several people in each line with their carts overflowing. Then it hit me...SNOW! You have got to be kidding!

That leads us to today, the first Snow Day of 2010. Yes, Snow Day, as in the kids are out of school because of an inch of snow. At this very moment I hear my aunt and uncle in North Carolina laughing hysterically. Thank goodness she is from Kentucky and knows how Kentucky comes to a standstill because of a snowflake or the forecast of a possible snowflake.

I had to work this morning, so the boys had to go to daycare. Cody begged for me to pick them up early so they could play in the snow before it melted and before it got too dark. I promised them I'd pick them up after lunch and I did. When we got home two little boys were stuffed into snowsuits, snowboots, coats, gloves, hats and all the cold weather paraphenalia. Then out they went excited about sledding down the hillside at our new house and playing in the snow.

videoCheck out this video of Mr. Perfection finding the best spot to start the sled. You can't just jump in and let it ride, it takes some planning.

Even Rosie got in on the snow action. Looks like she is grinning with excitement in this picture. Check out the ice balls in her beard.

After an hour of play, the boys came in for a quick mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows before headed back outside.

Yes, Caleb has hot cocoa on his face. He got to giggling while he was drinking and it splattered everywhere.
The neighbor girls Peyton and Serena came over to try out the hillside. Then the Petitt boys stopped by briefly to see what fun was being had at the Peterson household. They couldn't stay long because they didn't have enough warm gear on, but they did get a few sled rides in before headed back home for fun of their own.

Caleb played outside for 2 1/2 hours! Cody came in after about 2 hours crying because his feet were cold. I bundled him up with warm socks, slippers, and a blanket and put him by the fire until he thawed out.

They have played so hard that now they have the munchies. Hopefully they will go to bed early tonight :) I imagine it will be back to school tomorrow. Watching them play in the snow today brought back many fond memories of playing in the snow with my brother, Kevin. Our neighbor Amanda had a great hill for sledding and we would have great fun playing in the ice on our creek, making pretend animal tracks up the hillside, and rolling giant snow balls around the yard. It is fun to watch my boys making memories of their own and enjoying the best of childhood. Now I better go make some mashed potatoes for a tired little boy, hopefully he won't notice that they are red potatoes.


Mom said...

Looks like the boys had fun. I remember how much you and Kevin always loved the snow. Love those winter hikes at Audubon tracking the animals. We got 1-2" here and it's snowing again this am. Brrr it's cold out.

The Hadfields said...

I know! It's crazy that school has now been out for 2 days! Your boys seem to be enjoying every second though, so that makes it worth it!! :) And, yes, we'll take blue snow boots, if you're ready to get rid of them. thanks!!

Dad said...

Remember the sleigh rides up on hospital hill there in Henderson. We use to have great sleigh rides there. Watching the boys brings back memories. Sorry that Troy misses that part of life

Kev said...

Looks like so much fun and good times. I miss the boys. It was fun seeing them playing outside instead of being inside on the video games.

Yes, I remember the good ole days of sledding behind Amanda's house and knocking her parent's AC unit off its foundation. hahaa Good times.