Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Adam and Andrew came to play on Friday. The boys took turns sledding down the hill.

Best buddies!

Caleb and Adam tried their best to sled all the way into the frozen creek.

Andrew and Cody took the least likely to crash into a tree or drop off into the creek route.

Andrew and Caleb ended up going back inside after about 45 minutes in the snow. They wanted to play the Wii. Adam and Cody played outside for another 30 minutes, then came in to watch movies and warm up with hot chocolate.
Christy and I always laugh at how the 4 of them pair off like that oldest with youngest (their personalities match best that way).

Now for some indoor activities to warm up. Cody playing with his pal, Rosey.

Then art time...perhaps the nephews will take after you, Uncle Kevin. Here they are drawing animals from their new Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals. They thought it was so cool that they could follow the directions of drawing simple shapes and turn them into animals. They turned out really cute.

Here are Caleb's drawings of a fire breathing dragon, hedgehog, turtle, some dogs, a raccoon with a baby chick on it's tail, and a fuzzy caterpillar.

Cody drew a scary looking gorilla and some tadpoles.
We ordered another Ed Emberley book from It is "Drawing Book of Weirdos"-with dracula, frankenstein, King Kong, witches, werewolves, etc. Caleb picked that one out :)


Mom said...

The boys look so happy playing in the snow. Glad you ordered a new drawing book for them -- funny that Kev & I picked the same one!

Jim said...

Lori pulled the kids around behind the lawnmower - pics on Facebook! I gotta say too that the "how-to-draw" books are also very popular at the library, for all subjects to be drawn, whether it is a real or imaginary subject.

The Petitts said...

Thanks for taking care of my boys last Friday. They always have more fun at YOUR house!

Kev said...

Haha awesome! I used to lve those books. Glad the boys are enjoying them too. I didn't think Caleb would get into it as much as Cody. That's great!