Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

We had our first party in our new house for New Year's. Our best buds the Petitts and Atnips were there as well as the chiropractic friends: Kahres, Shanks, Adams, Shimerdas, and our new neighbors the Tomassis. 15 adults and 13 children counting ourselves! Thank goodness we have the basement for all the kids and it has a door to control the sound level :)

Here is the wonderful hostess with the mostess showing off her delicatable desserts. Everyone brought tons of great food and Ben was up at 5am to start smoking pork, turkey, and deer. Yum!

Quinn's little brother Mase hung out with the big boys all night. He kept busy playing with balls and eating cookies.

There were 11 boys taking turns on the Wii
down in the basement, as well as playing with the light sabers and nerf guns. The neighbor girls showed up around 8pm, but they held their own with all the boys.

Some bad looking boys hanging out in the basement.

The ladies played a hand of Euchre, while the men chatted about manly stuff. Only two couples and their 4 children made it till midnight. Lots of fun and festiveness! Everyone agreed that our house is definitely better for our get-togethers since we all have kids. I see more fun times in our future.


Kev said...

Awesome! Love the spread! Looks like you all had fun! That first pic of the boys is hilarious! Caleb looks like he is yelling "CHARGE!" and Cody looks like he is photoshopped in from another pic or something. Too funny. Like how you incorporated the hand flowers with the decorations.

The Hadfields said...

How fun! Happy New Year!!

Mom said...

Glad your party was a success!
Happy New Year!

Dad said...

Looks like U have plenty of room, Did the Ladies and Men not mingle at all. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALSO