Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caleb's Birthday Sleepover

Caleb decided to have a sleepover for his birthday this year. We had 4 boys spend the night. Uncle Kevin also came for the weekend. I warned him that there would be 6 boys at the house, but he was a brave soul and decided to come anyway.I made Cody, Caleb, Joseph, and Quinn go outside and play for awhile when they first arrived. It was cold, so that didn't last long. I ordered pizza for the crazy bunch and found them downstairs in the dojang with their shirts off practicing Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu.

Flexing muscles. This is the unfinished side of our basement (the dojang) where Caleb's TKD gear is kept and our workout equipment.

Time to open presents and eat cupcakes.

Adam, Caleb, and Joseph playing Wii in the basement. The boys played in the basement most of the night, which was great for the noise-level for us old fogeys.

All of the boys played together really well. No fighting or feelings hurt. Cody got upset once because he wanted to watch a movie downstairs and the others wanted to play a game. I brought some of Caleb's new birthday toys down in the basement and that distracted them.

Quinn and Cody playing Bakugan.

Silly time!

Who will be air hockey champion?

The boys had a great time. I put a movie in around 10pm to get them settled down. They wanted to all sleep together in the basement on sleeping bags. I fixed popcorn and they munched till crashing around midnight. Then they were up again at 6:30am. Ben made chocolate chip pancakes for the hungry bunch. I think they all ended up taking naps later that afternoon and we went to bed early Saturday night.

Sunday we decided to start a bonfire and burn some of the branches and tree limbs from our yard. We have been piling them at the bottom of our hill, as the wind knocks down snags and hanging limbs left over from last year's ice storm.

videoCampfire hotdogs are the best!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweetheart Dance


Cody had a Sweetheart Dance at Preschool last week. They have been practicing dancing with partners for a couple of weeks. Cody's partner changed several times. He began with Kiersa, then moved onto another partner. Then he was back dancing with Kiersa, then he ended up with Abby. It seems that many of the girls wanted to dance with him. He is a flirt and quite the little ladies man. The preschool teacher finally ended the trading of partners and tearful breakdowns. She decided bribery was in order. She placed them with their final partners and told them if they danced with that partner, they would get a present at the end of the dance. It worked like a charm, except for a couple of shy ones who froze and ran to their mommies when going out on the floor.
videoMy camera ran out of batteries just as the dancing began! Just my luck!!!

Mother/Son Dance

Caleb sweetly danced with Kiersa when her partner left in puddle of tears and fear of public demonstration.Add Image I was proud of him for stepping up to help his friend out.

Always the clown!
Kiersa looking adoringly at Cody.

Mr. Cool, letting it all hang out.

Mama is still my best girl!

Cody said this was the best party ever. He had so much fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was this past Saturday. Ben's parents came up to visit. They brought Ben's grandparents butcherboard kitchen piece. Cody helped Peepaw put it back together.

Ben got me a new Sanyo Dual Camera for my birthday. It is a small camcorder that also takes pictures. He knew I would love it for my blogs :)

Here is Cody's first turn at cinematography.


Cody helped Memaw make Mama's cake. He loves to help cook. video

Cody has the video camera for the candle blowing. Notice he is focused on the cake, not me.


That evening Ben's parents watched the boys, while we went to dinner and a show. We ate at Jasmine's Thai Restaurant which was fabulous. Then went to a Broadway show at Four Rivers, "Camelot". I love that romantic era with knights and princesses. It was the time told story of King Arthur, Queen Gweneviere, Lancelot, and the Knights of the Round Table. It was a good show. Great costumes and the actors did a suburb job portraying the tale.