Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweetheart Dance


Cody had a Sweetheart Dance at Preschool last week. They have been practicing dancing with partners for a couple of weeks. Cody's partner changed several times. He began with Kiersa, then moved onto another partner. Then he was back dancing with Kiersa, then he ended up with Abby. It seems that many of the girls wanted to dance with him. He is a flirt and quite the little ladies man. The preschool teacher finally ended the trading of partners and tearful breakdowns. She decided bribery was in order. She placed them with their final partners and told them if they danced with that partner, they would get a present at the end of the dance. It worked like a charm, except for a couple of shy ones who froze and ran to their mommies when going out on the floor.
videoMy camera ran out of batteries just as the dancing began! Just my luck!!!

Mother/Son Dance

Caleb sweetly danced with Kiersa when her partner left in puddle of tears and fear of public demonstration.Add Image I was proud of him for stepping up to help his friend out.

Always the clown!
Kiersa looking adoringly at Cody.

Mr. Cool, letting it all hang out.

Mama is still my best girl!

Cody said this was the best party ever. He had so much fun!


Kev said...

So sweet. How cute for preschool. I couldn't imagine doing that in my preschool. Fun times. Caleb astounds me every time I see a picture of him he looks taller and older in the face. Even since Christmas! It's surreal. Can't wait to visit this weekend!!! Call me!

The Hadfields said...

Sooooo cute! I wish I could have seen it!!

Mom said...

It was such great fun for the kids. They were adorable. Glad I was able to come and share the big night!