Monday, March 22, 2010

March TKD Belt Test

Caleb had another belt test this past weekend in Tae Kwon Do. I had to work again, of course. He did a great job and is now an orange belt with red stripe. Ben videoed while fighting off Cody's antics the whole time. Enjoy the clips.
videoCaleb's form-Tae Geuk Il Jang.
videoCaleb had fun sparring with black belt-Justin. He even got in a kick to the chin.


Mom said...

Great job Caleb! Moving up in the ranks. Orange with red stripe is a powerful combo!

Kev said...

Looks great! By the way, Miranda, you might think about setting up a YouTube page to store all your videos. If you upload your videos to there first before posting them on your blog, you can just use the embed function from YouTube and embed your YouTube film onto your blog and it's way easier than using the vid function on Blogger, plus the video window will be bigger and maybe even less grainy.