Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring flowers and Muddy boys

Ahhhhh! Springtime is in the air. My favorite time of year. I love the flowers blooming and trees budding. Everything is bursting in color and life. I have been so excited to see what will bloom at our new house. We moved here in the fall, so although some things were still blooming, most were past their peak or were dead.
Here are two types of iris that just bloomed this week. The blood red one is amazing. These are along the side of the garage. The lavender ones are in the garden beside the pool. I also had lots of daffodils all over the yard in March. The previous owner must have loved flowers because she has little gardens and bunches of flowers all over the place. I see green foliage everywhere and cannot wait to see what will unfold. It is like Christmas!
We went to the Petitt's recently. Ben and Paul went fishing because it was gorgeous weather. I went over to the Petitt's with the boys. They played inside for awhile, then Adam and Cody went outside to play. Where the above-ground pool had been last summer, there is a bare spot that is bare dirt. Adam and Cody began digging around in it. Probably pretending they were digging for gold or discovering dinosaur bones.
The next thing we see, Adam is heaving a large bucket of water across the yard to the dirt patch. They start pouring it in the hole, kind of like you do at the beach. They are having a blast digging in the mud and adding more water to make mudpies. Meanwhile, Caleb and Andrew show up outside too. Hey-this looks like fun! Can we dig in the mud too?
Christy and I go inside for a snack and to cool off. (This was the weekend that it was in the upper 80's). Christy looks out the window and starts dying laughing.
This is what we see.....
OK, I'll show you now.
Four little mud dogs having the time of their life. Slipping, sliding, rolling in the gooey muddy mess. To identify in the picture: Caleb, Andrew, Adam, and Cody. Once it was done, it was done. Why rain on their parade and yell at them. Look at the joy on Andrew's face. They were being boys. They finally clumped across the yard and said they were ready to get cleaned up. I hosed off the majority of the slop with a cold hose. While Christy got buckets of hot water from the house to pour over their heads and scrub them down before they came inside. They took turns getting steamy hot showers and all had to suds up several times to get clean. We had to use Q-tips to get the mud out of their ears!

I just want to leave a little message for my friend Amy, who just had a sweet little baby boy. I am so glad that you had a BOY this time. Look what you have to look forward to :)

Family time

Weekend before last, Ben's parents and grandparents came for a visit. It was wonderful to have Donna, Dave, Granny, and Grandpa here for the whole weekend! The men went to check out the flea market and drive around doing manly stuff, while the women went to Hancock Fabrics and shopping for fabric.I don't remember what got Cody in a mood before this picture, but we couldn't get the grouchies away even for a Miller generational picture.

Donna takes after her talented mother and is becoming quite a seamstress. She arrived at our house with some of her crocheting and knitting handiwork- a hat and scarf for Cody. He had asked for a scarf this winter after she made me a beautiful one to match my coat. She had also made pillowcases for each boy to match their room. Jungle animals for Cody and Planets for Caleb. After hunting around the fabric stores in Paducah, Donna found the same planet fabric to make Caleb two sets of valances for his windows. Then she made Cody a valance and another pillowcase. Have I mentioned that she is the greatest Mother-in-law ever? They look absolutely perfect in their rooms! Here is Caleb's space room, complete with planets hanging from the ceiling and space wallies on the wall. He picked the colors out and I have been slowly getting it painted. I have one more wall to complete. Don't the valances look great! Ca;eb wanted 2 walls in the dark Mystic Blue and the 2 opposite walls remained white, but adding green stripes (like a space ship or ufo). The border around the top where the wallpaper border was peeled off is red. I was hesitant, but it looks great with the space wallie stickers to make it complete. Here is Cody's valance in his jungle room. And one of his pillowcases. Peepaw and Caleb had a great time playing Boxing on the Wii.I don't know who enjoyed playing the Wii more ;)

Jasmine spent a lot of time cuddling with Grandpa. I think in cat years, they are the same age and both enjoy the same hobby--sleeping :)

It was a great weekend and we can't wait for you all to come back soon!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rosey's Haircut

We have been holding out on getting Rosey a haircut until it warmed up. She was beginning to get very matted from not having a haircut since last fall.

Stop laughing at my Schnoodle! Yes, it is the same dog. When the groomer walked up to me with a leash and a naked skinny black dog attached, I looked around the store for my furry mop. Then I realized this was Rosey shaven to nakedness. She loves it though and has been prancing around feeling very cool and light. The only hair left is her fluffy, feathery tail that she holds up high like a pony prancing around the yard. She is hilarious looking.


The boys love the Easter tradition of decorating Easter eggs. They enjoy it more than Easter Egg hunts and probably even more than the long-eared fella. It was always a favorite tradition of me and Kevin as well. I have fond memories of dyeing eggs with Mom in the kitchen and decorating them with flowers, birds, hearts, and curly cues. While Kevin always had the artistic faces, egg people, and animals. Here is a great picture of the crazy boys decorating their eggs with markers and stickers. Check out the cute videos below of the Eggcellent Decorating Fest.
Festive Easter Eggs! Can you tell which ones Uncle Kevin decorated?
Daffodils the boys and Kevin picked for me from my yard :)

Easter morning

Family picture before church.

Easter morning with Uncle Kevin.
My awesome Strawberry Peep Cake for Easter dinner at the Gottmans.

videoDye those eggs

videoEggcellent Easter Egg Decorating Fest