Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The boys love the Easter tradition of decorating Easter eggs. They enjoy it more than Easter Egg hunts and probably even more than the long-eared fella. It was always a favorite tradition of me and Kevin as well. I have fond memories of dyeing eggs with Mom in the kitchen and decorating them with flowers, birds, hearts, and curly cues. While Kevin always had the artistic faces, egg people, and animals. Here is a great picture of the crazy boys decorating their eggs with markers and stickers. Check out the cute videos below of the Eggcellent Decorating Fest.
Festive Easter Eggs! Can you tell which ones Uncle Kevin decorated?
Daffodils the boys and Kevin picked for me from my yard :)

Easter morning

Family picture before church.

Easter morning with Uncle Kevin.
My awesome Strawberry Peep Cake for Easter dinner at the Gottmans.

videoDye those eggs

videoEggcellent Easter Egg Decorating Fest


The Hadfields said...

Those were some fancy eggs!! You all looked great on Easter morning.

Mom said...

Oh I miss my family at Easter!
Glad you guys got together and did the Easter egg coloring thing.
Guess we started some good traditions, right? Such a talented bunch!