Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family time

Weekend before last, Ben's parents and grandparents came for a visit. It was wonderful to have Donna, Dave, Granny, and Grandpa here for the whole weekend! The men went to check out the flea market and drive around doing manly stuff, while the women went to Hancock Fabrics and shopping for fabric.I don't remember what got Cody in a mood before this picture, but we couldn't get the grouchies away even for a Miller generational picture.

Donna takes after her talented mother and is becoming quite a seamstress. She arrived at our house with some of her crocheting and knitting handiwork- a hat and scarf for Cody. He had asked for a scarf this winter after she made me a beautiful one to match my coat. She had also made pillowcases for each boy to match their room. Jungle animals for Cody and Planets for Caleb. After hunting around the fabric stores in Paducah, Donna found the same planet fabric to make Caleb two sets of valances for his windows. Then she made Cody a valance and another pillowcase. Have I mentioned that she is the greatest Mother-in-law ever? They look absolutely perfect in their rooms! Here is Caleb's space room, complete with planets hanging from the ceiling and space wallies on the wall. He picked the colors out and I have been slowly getting it painted. I have one more wall to complete. Don't the valances look great! Ca;eb wanted 2 walls in the dark Mystic Blue and the 2 opposite walls remained white, but adding green stripes (like a space ship or ufo). The border around the top where the wallpaper border was peeled off is red. I was hesitant, but it looks great with the space wallie stickers to make it complete. Here is Cody's valance in his jungle room. And one of his pillowcases. Peepaw and Caleb had a great time playing Boxing on the Wii.I don't know who enjoyed playing the Wii more ;)

Jasmine spent a lot of time cuddling with Grandpa. I think in cat years, they are the same age and both enjoy the same hobby--sleeping :)

It was a great weekend and we can't wait for you all to come back soon!

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